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Best use of Online Internship Now

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The internship is a time in the life of a professional future that is when the student begins to apply what he learned in the course, and prepares to embrace a career.Being a hardworking intern, both in the company and in his studies, can result in more chances of being hired, it is not a concept, but a profile that brings together a series of characteristics in constant change, adapted to each season, the stage needs to know some qualities that you must have for your work to exist.Keep following the internship online for more news, free courses, internship and job vacancies and expert tips.

Another tip is to create a website that has testimonials from customers satisfied with the quality of the services provided. This measure is a way to show the target audience that you are able to perform the planned activities with competence and agility.

Persistence: Being persistent will help you achieve your goals, it also says about strengthening what you want and the attitude to achieve the goals and even if it doesn't work out, you have other alternatives that you adapt to the circumstances.

Commitment: The good professional is committed to the good results of the company, not only to the personnel. Being arrogant and greedy is not a good view in the workplace.

Responsible: The trainee must be responsible; fulfilling his commitments and deadlines assumed will also make him a reliable trainee in the eyes of the organization and give him more chances of effectiveness.

Communication: Features directly related to the professional's image. Pay attention to the way you speak and write, taking care of your vocabulary. In this learning phase it is very important, listen to your colleagues and try to expand your communication skills to understand and make yourself understood.

Focus: Focus on activities, and seek to learn from the opportunity, any questions, consult colleagues or even the manager.

Ethics: Always seeking to be and do the right thing, it is important to be aware of yourself and your relationship with others.

Interview procedure

One of the most important steps to gain an internship position is the interview. In it, recruiters will evaluate a number of factors, such as their experience, interests and skills to check if their profile is compatible with the vacancy available.

This dynamic, even before the pandemic, was already carried out by some companies in a virtual way. But, because of the current scenario, the format has become even more common. Therefore, it is necessary to adapt. This is one of the factors that show how important an accountant is in the current scenario. With the technological advancement, this professional started to exercise a function of consultant of the corporations. Although it is very similar to the face-to-face model, the videoconference interview requires some peculiarities, so one must be careful not to make mistakes or make a bad impression during the conversation.

Research which tool the interview will be conducted in and explore it a few days before. Download the most up-to-date version, leave the password written in an accessible location and test what resources are available. A tip is to make a test video call over the platform with a friend or relative.

In addition, every program is subject to failure, so think about some alternatives if something goes wrong, like testing the platform's messaging feature or going to a location where the internet is better.

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