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Best Video Editor You Can Download to Create Impressive Videos

Video editing and creating videos from photos are fun. If you also want to do something creative and impress your friends and social media followers, download the best video editing app on your Android or iOS phone now and start enjoying it. 


Gone are the days when you needed to go to a professional photographer for editing and creating videos from photos. Thanks to the technology and developers who created video editing tools to edit and create conveniently in a few simple steps. 


Are you curious to know which are those video editing apps that enable you to create impressive videos? Here is the list. 


7 Best Video Editing Apps you Must Download in 2021


  1. Beatleap 

Beatleap is the most popular video editing app for its multiple features. In this, you can choose multiple clips & photos and special effects, styles, or music to your video and slow down the video’s speed. The app provides 20 editing tools, 50 filters, 1000 professional songs to give an all-new look to your video. You can also trim and cut the video. 



  • The app is free to use, but a subscription is required to access unlimited features and content. 

  • For iOS users only. 


  1. Adobe Premiere Rush

It is another best video editing app that lets you shoot, edit and share your smartphone videos to any platform. The app is loaded with multiple features as you can include drag and drop of video, add audio, graphics, and photos to the video. To improve the quality of the video, there are options to add colors, titles, transitions, voice-overs, and more. 



  • The app is available free as a starter plan, paid plans are also available.  

  • For iOS and Android users both.


  1. Quik

Designed to work with clips derived from GoPro Camera, but you can still use this excellent app to videos from any source. The best thing is you can add up to 200 photos from your Gallery, Google Photos, Dropbox, GoPro Plus, and customize your video with some special effects.   



  • Free to download, but users can unlock full capabilities by subscribing to it. 

  • For iOS and Android users both 


  1. Filmigo

Another best video editing on the list, Filmigo is the powerful video editing tool to make stylish slideshows and video clips together. With minimum steps, you can create the most elegant video while combining the popular themes, special subtitles, and wonderful music of your choice. Download this amazing tool now to attract your friends on social media.



  • It is free to download.

  • For iOS and Android users both


  1. Vizmato

If video making is fun for you, look no further than Vizmato. This slideshow and video editing app lets you add filters, effects, theme, music, and text to your video to make your content beautiful. It has more than 20 video themes, 140 plus background music, and many other features that add charm to the video. 



  • Free for 7 days, later you need to subscribe to it.

  • For iOS and Android users both


  1. iMovie

Only for Apple users, this app has ready-made themes for movie creation with coordinated titles, transitions, and music. When you’re done with your editing you can easily transfer your video to iPhone, iPad, and mac. It is one of the best and easiest-to-use Video editing apps on the list. 



  • iMovie is free to use.

  • For iOS only


  1. FilmoraGo

If you are creative, this is the best video editing app for you. The app has several templates and themes to polish your skills. The reason we included this app on our list is you can import your images or clips from anywhere, including Facebook and Instagram. You can also read How to Duet a Video on TikTok or Record Instagram Reels.



  • The app is best and free to use.

  • For iOS and Android users both 


As the list is over, you have seven top-notch video editing apps now. You can download any app and we assure you they will enhance your video editing experience in every way. 

Daniel Zayas
Daniel Zayas
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