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Best virtual games to play that mix socializing with betting

Gambling and socializing often go hand in hand. Truth be told, it wasn’t always like this. But with the major shift that the digital age has brought us, bettors now discuss with each other all sorts of matters.

What is social betting?

While social betting comes in many forms, the simplest way to describe it is bettors having the ability to discover and share their bets with other people. Younger generations appreciate social betting more since they grew up during the rise of social media.

But even veteran gamblers can find the appeal of playing games that mix socializing and betting. To a certain extent, all betting websites have implemented social betting features. However, the ones that stand out the most are BetConstruct virtual games, KamaGames social betting, and YOUnitedPvP betting.

All of these platforms offer entrepreneurs the possibility of adding the following social betting games on their website:

1.      Poker

poker 1

A classic in the eyes of many gamblers, poker is an ever-growing industry of its own. With popular figures such as Dan Bilzerian and Daniel Negreanu, the sport has gained even more fame.

A 19th century classic, this sport used to involve a lot of social aspects: meeting new people, bantering, and calling out someone’s bluff. With the rise of online poker around 1998, a few hardened veterans despised the idea simply because it didn’t feature those social aspects.

Nowadays, things have turned around and poker yet again has the social paradigm in front of it. Live poker even allows you to connect a VR headset or a webcam so that you can be seen and see the dealer as well as the other players at the table.

2.      Slot Machines

slot machines

Were slot machines ever social to begin with? To a certain extent, yes. You could sit next to a friend playing at a slot machine and compare your results.

In the online medium, virtual slot machines offer a similar experience. You can view other people’s screen, share your results on social media, and invite other players to join for special bonuses.

3.      Roulette


Roulette has always been as much a game of chance as it is a social one. Players gather around a table and place their bets on high or low numbers, black or red, or odd and even numbers.

When this game transitioned into the online medium, it kept all of the betting features as well as the social ones. Playing roulette online with a couple of friends or strangers is just as fun and nerve-wracking as the real deal.

4.      Blackjack

virtual blackjack

One or more players engage against a dealer to see which one can score 21 or the highest number without going over.

It’s as much a game of wit and strategy as it is a game of luck. If you have good memory, you can probably predict what cards you’re going to receive by looking at what cards the other players had in the previous round.

5.      Virtual Sports

soccer football

Since so many sporting events got cancelled during the recent pandemic, the world has sought to get its sports betting fix in the virtual world.

Unlike the real deal, matches occur instantly, and you can skip the entire action and see only the results. No waiting times whatsoever, but some real-world rules apply, such as players receiving a handicap from a previous match.

Final thoughts

All the games listed above make great use of social features and betting. If you want to gamble and have fun with friends from the comfort of your couch, any one of these should do the trick.

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