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Best VPN Providers That Ensure Complete Online Anonymity

When the internet was first invented, it was envisioned that this would one day be a tool for people to connect with each other from all over the world. Many thought that this would remove geographic and political boundaries from people’s lives. It was a tool that was meant to provide complete freedom to people from all over the world.

Up until the early 2000s, the internet did grow up into a platform that offered complete freedom to the online republic. It was a tool that offered the best connectivity features. People could connect with each other from all over the world and communicate without paying any extra long-distance phone bills.

Up until the start of the 21st century, the internet was a tool that was free of all kinds of corruption and surveillance. It was a tool that was far away from the eyes of world governments and security agencies who love spying over their populations. It was an era when people didn’t even have to reveal their actual identities. Instead, playful aliases were used on the internet.

Things changed for the worst, however. Governments and their surveillance agencies understood the incredible potential of the internet to spy over people. Because so many people used the internet on a daily basis, it provided an opportunity to governments. Because people use the internet to make searches related to their interests, the governments could monitor and log all this information to understand the interests of people more clearly.

While at first, online surveillance was only limited to our browsing histories. Soon, agencies such as the NSA, went a step further. Because monitoring browsing activities could no longer satisfy their curiosity, these agencies found a way to hack inside the internet-connected devices that we use. These include our smartphones, CCTV cameras, laptops, and more. This not only gave them complete control of monitoring our online activities but also gave them access to our phone camera for instance and keep a live video check on us.

These and more facts were revealed by Edward Snowden not too long ago. According to him, these “spying tools” have also been used by agents to spy on models and other celebrities. Seeing them through their cameras during their most private moments has been very common inside surveillance offices.

So in a world so full of surveillance, what can we do to keep ourselves private and anonymous? There is one tool that can help a lot in this regard. The tool I’m talking about is a VPN.

How a VPN ensures anonymity on the web?

Against all the threats that are lurking online, a VPN is the best tool that can keep you safe and anonymous on the web. But what is a VPN? And how can it keep you anonymous on the internet? Let’s find out.

Basically, a VPN is network of servers. These servers have different features installed into them. The best VPN services have servers installed all around the world in many different countries. These services also offer the best security and anonymity features.

To connect with a VPN, a user requires the VPN client app. This app allows users to choose which VPN server they want to connect with. It also enables users to turn on any specific features before they begin their browsing session with a VPN. Through the VPN client app, users can turn on encryption among other features to ensure that they remain safe online.

When you connect to a VPN server, your IP address instantly changes. It takes the form of the IP address of the server you’re connected to. This is helpful in the sense that websites and all other online entities depend on your IP location to know your physical location. Once you’ve changed your IP location via a VPN, your physical location in their eyes also changes. This is important for the sake of your privacy. Because surveillance agencies now find it hard to track your actual data.

The best VPN services also offer end-to-end encryption. This is an amazing option that provides complete security and anonymity on the internet. When the encryption is turned on, your online traffic passes through a special tunnel that is completely unbreakable. Even the most powerful surveillance agencies cannot bypass this tunnel to view your online traffic.

Only the best VPN services offer encryption to their audience. So before you make the decision to start using a VPN service, we recommend that you go for the best of the lot which is PureVPN.

Which VPN offers the best Anonymity?

A lot of people ask if PureVPN is legit the best VPN service? The answer is yes. It is the best VPN service that you can get for complete anonymity and privacy. PureVPN offers the best encryption standards to its audience. This keeps all of its users secure and anonymous on the web. And even if encryption is not turned on, users can still enjoy maximum anonymity on the web because of the amazing features that are installed in PureVPN servers. The Hong Kong based VPN provider offers 2000+ servers in 140+ countries, including major regions like the US, UK, and Australia. This PureVPN review by users in Australia states that it is the only VPN provider that offers the highest level of anonymity to Australian users by the advent of its large server network.

PureVPN reviews in 2019 have been amazing so far. PureVPN review on CNet is also amazing. You only have to check out these reviews to understand how amazing these services are.

Some people remain concerned about PureVPN IP leak. They should know that any IP leak issues the VPN service had have been resolved a long time ago. Currently, PureVPN is secure from all kinds of leaks and hacks.

So if you’re looking for the most secure VPN service, then PureVPN is the choice you should go for.

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