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What Is The Best Way To Prepare For CLAT Without Coaching?

CLAT stands for Common Legal Admission Test, and it is an all-India law entrance test. It is undeniably tough for students taking the CLAT for the first time to focus on NLUs because only approximately 50000-55000 applicants take the test each year. As a result, the key is to focus on the preparation, and one does not need to seek the help of a coaching center to succeed in the CLAT test.

As they say, "the best study is self-study," thus the number of hours you devote to CLAT test preparation at home is more important than whether you attend a coaching center. You will learn practical methods for cracking the CLAT exam without having to enroll in a tutoring program by reading this article.

Percentage vs. Percentile: What's the Difference?

It's critical to compare your CLAT exam preparation to that of your rivals. It's because, unlike in high school, where "%" is used to measure a candidate's success, in the admission examinations, "percentile" is determined by comparing your performance to that of the opposing candidate. In other words, the CLAT test is about the percentile score, not the percentage of marks obtained.

Let's take this example as an example. If a candidate earned 90% or above in the 12th grade, he or she is deemed qualified to apply to all of India's institutions. In contrast, if an identical applicant appears for the CLAT test and receives just 70% of the available marks, he or she may still be the topper. This is due to the fact that only 70% of the students who took the exam received a cracking grade.

How can you prepare for the CLAT exam without taking a class?

If you don't have the appropriate plan in place, preparing for any admission exams without coaching might be a difficult challenge. Whether you use internet study material (such as books, notes, and previous year question papers) or seek advice from family members, having a reliable source of information is critical to cracking the test. English, Maths, Reasoning, and Public Knowledge are the four sections now available. Although the Legal Aptitude component has been deleted, a few questions about legal issues may be posted in other areas, such as reading a paragraph or current events. So, here are a few tried and true strategies to help you prepare for the CLAT exam without any coaching:-

Download study material from the internet – There is a wealth of free study material text available on the internet.
Take Mock Tests - you'll strengthen your test preparation by taking multiple Mock Tests like The OPUS Way.

Seek expert advice - Enlist the assistance of family members to learn about issues in which they are knowledgeable and you would want instruction.

What are the Benefits of CLAT Mock Tests?

Mock Tests are another tool for assessing your performance and, as a result, the areas where you need to improve in order to succeed in the test. When you take the CLAT sample exam, you'll be able to compare your preparation to that of other applicants and discover where you are now. It's critical to consider how your performance compares to that of other applicants. It's because you'll be up against around 55000 other applicants for a total of 2500 places at all of the country's NLUs.

The CLAT Mock Test can help you analyze where you need to practice more in this situation by acting as a guide to observing your performance. Mock tests are also accessible online; you may purchase a course or take a few free mock tests.

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