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Best Ways To Clean a Motorcycle Helmet

Is your face shield coated in dirt, bugs and other debris? A dirty helmet may be a sign you’ve made memories on two wheels, but it can also affect your field of vision and wear down the finish on your helmet. Explore the best ways to clean a motorcycle helmet today before shopping for parts, accessories and women's motorcycle jackets online. 

When To Replace Your Motorcycle Helmet

There comes a time when even soap and microfiber towels can’t restore a lid. Before you take the time to clean your helmet, check to see that you can still safely wear it and don’t need to replace it. Here are the three most common situations where it’s best to retire your dirt-covered. Will find out motorcycle helmet near me and pick out a new one:

  • It’s over five years old

  • It has been in an accident

  • It has a chipped visor, dents or cracks

Check your headgear to see the exact expiration date. The industry standard is five years, but some manufacturers only rate their helmet for four years or less. If your helmet still has life in it, then you’re good to go on the best cleaning techniques to shine up your lid and restore your field of vision.

First, grab a few clean microfiber towels, some hot water and baby shampoo or another gentle cleaner. Bonus points for using a toothbrush and compressed air for all those little crevices and air vents.

Remove any electronics and removable pads. The cheek pads usually pull off with magnets or hook-and-loop connections, but don’t go ripping them off if they’re stuck tight.

Soak up a towel with warm water and lay it over your helmet’s shell. Just like soaking dishes, this will take a lot of the scrubbing effort out of the project. Soak up your removable padding while you wait and gently rub them with warm water and a gentle soap. Rinse them and set them to the side to air dry.

Head back to the shell of your helmet and pull off the warm, wet towel. Soak up another one and get to work wiping off any bug guts, dirt or other debris you picked up on your last adventure. Compressed air and a toothbrush work well for those hard-to-reach areas. Don’t use soap on your face shield, but stick to just water or pick up a specialized face shield cleaner.

Once it’s all dry, put it back together and get ready for your next ride. Pick up any cleaning products and other motorcycle accessories to help maintain your bike and stay safe on two wheels.

Where To Find Motorcycle Accessories and Parts

Your local bike shop may have some great gear and friendly staff, but nothing compares with the convenience of online shopping. Easily sort parts and accessories based on category, brand, price and customer reviews to pick up the parts you need. If you have any questions, chat with knowledgeable and friendly staff that remind you of your buddies at your local place.

Enjoy fast shipping, daily deals and other great features today. Pick up the garage gear you need to clean your helmet and check out the best motorcycle batteries to maintain your ride and prepare for another exciting adventure.

Ariana Smith is a tech geek. She loves saving money online with promo and coupons codes. She is the Editor-in-Chief of TechNetDeals.com; buy tiktok followers a Tech Deals and Coupons Site. She shares latest buying guides, tech news, and tutorial online.
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