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Best Ways to Detect Security Threats to Your Business

Computers and the Internet have given companies some remarkably powerful tools. People often forget that the term computer used to refer to a job title. People had to slowly go over calculations by hand to do most of what technology can now accomplish in seconds. However, there is one important issue related to what's otherwise an undeniable benefit. Computers and networking have created some serious security issues for many companies. However, there are steps one can take to properly secure one's company against security threats.

Penetration Tests

Penetration testing, sometimes known as pen tests, involve simulated attempts to bypass a company's security. These should be thought of as simulations only in the sense that there's only positive rather than negative repercussions. Basically, penetration testing services involve paying a company to send agents out who will attempt to hack into one's computers.

The people involved with the pen testing services will carefully document every stage of their attempt. Obviously they won't actually take any money or damage the systems they're trying to get into. It's basically a method by which one can find out if there are any vulnerabilities within the computer network. One can almost think of it as akin to someone going around a house and documenting what doors aren't locked. The homeowner could look over the list and increase security. Likewise a business owner can assess a penetration testing report to fix methods by which the penetration testers were able to get into the network.

Watch Out for Windows

When people talk about windows and business security they're usually referring to the operating system. But actual physical windows are one of the biggest security issues any business might face. This might seem absurd at first. Even more so for companies not on the first floor. But consider how easy it'd be to set up a video feed from a remote location with high level magnification.

All a potential hacker would need to do is get access to a good vantage point and start recording through a clear window. From there he'd just need to look for anyone typing their passwords into a company login prompt. The best way to avoid this problem is to ensure windows are slightly opaque. If this isn't possible then one should ensure that any keyboards are hidden from view if one were looking at them from the outside.

Ask for Anonymous Tips About Security Issues

People are often hesitant to talk about their concerns over security issues. There's quite a few reasons for it. They might fear that it would seem like they're actively looking for security issues. The employee might fear that talking about a colleague's lack of security could create social friction. Or they might simply find face to face discussion about the issue to be somewhat awkward. Whatever the reason most people find it easier to bring up security issues through an anonymous system. This could be done online. But even having standard office feedback reports on a self-submitted basis can take care of the problem.

For example, consider the case of an employee who has his password written down on a sticky note in his cubicle. Anyone walking by would be able to find out his login credentials. And this constitutes a huge security risk. But actually bringing it up to him might come off as a direct college issuing orders. This could easily turn into a constant source of stress and fiction in the office. But bringing it up anonymously would ensure that the issue is the focus rather than the people involved.

Bringing All Methods Together 

In the end, none of these methods are a perfect solution. Humans are amazingly inventive beings. This is why computers exist in the first place. No security system is ever 100% effective. That's one of the big reasons why it's important to use all possible methods to secure one's business. Penetration testing is the most effective method. But one should always try to pair it with the other techniques as well.

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