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Best Ways To Protect Your Business Assets From Theft

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If you are a small business owner, then you know how hard it is to keep up with daily responsibilities. And worrying about burglary and theft should be your last concern. Theft can come from your own employees or outside influences. However, either way it can take a serious toll on your bottom line if not handled properly. According to Hartford, twenty percent of small business claims are because of burglary and theft. The incident can cost a company $8,000 in damages. 

While you can’t monitor your company at every moment of the day, you can protect your business from potential theft and take initial steps to secure your assets. Here are six ways to lower your risk of burglary and theft.

Using Padlocks and Locks

Locking the entrances of your establishment with double-cylinder deadbolts can decrease theft immediately. The deadbolt should have a hardened steel insert of a least one inch and protected by a latch. Make sure you choose a padlock made of hardened steel. To further prevent others from stealing from you, always keep the padlocks secure and locked to prevent exchange. 

Keeping Up With Your Inventory

Maintaining serial numbers, manufacturer’s information and receipts will help you identify items that are missing or damaged. Take pictures of your inventory and store the documents off site. This will give you the opportunity to file a claim and aid in the recovery of stolen assets and items. 

Consider Installing An Alarm System

One of the best ways to protect your business items is by installing an alarm system. The presence of an alarm will deter burglars or employees from stealing from you. This can help you keep an eye out on internal and external threats. Think about adding a doorbell camera for an extra boost of security. 

Alarm systems don’t have to be expensive. There are some companies willing to set up a customized plan that fits your business’s needs. Try to choose a system you can monitor remotely and control via a tablet, smartphone or PC.

Keep Your Windows Secure

Burglar-resistant glass will also help prevent theft. Polyester security film would be a great extra layer of protection. Use this with a glass break sensor alarm. And don’t forget to check with your Fire Code Inspector for safety guidelines. 

Keep A Security Safe Box

The box needs to be fireproof and burglar resistant. Keep the box hidden and leave it open when it is empty and locked after business hours. You should also change the combination regularly so you can prevent past employees from accessing important files and assets. 

Install Closed Circuit Television Cameras

These are also known as CCTV cameras. They provide business owners a way to capture images and video surveillance. The presence of these cameras will discourage thieves from entering your facility after non-operating hours and increase employee productivity. Place them in locations that will identify faces and visual to customers. 

Should you choose to set up CCTV digital cameras in your company, ensure that you know of the appropriate and personal privacy implications. Business owners must make workers mindful of the video cameras and comprehend why they are being added in the facility Do not install cameras in employee lounges, bathrooms, or break rooms. Specific laws would consider this as a privacy breach. 

As a business owner, you want to make sure you protect all of your assets and secure them properly. This can include laptops, printers, televisions, computers, and other forms of technological equipment. When you choose not to secure your business property, you are putting the safety of your facility and staff at risk. To protect your business assets, consider the tips listed above to help secure your business today.

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