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Best Wedding Magicians In Birmingham

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About Noel Qualter:

Noel Qualter is the best magician in all around Birmingham and the West Midlands; he's so popular because of his originality of magic and won the magic circle originality award for the three times. The most tricks known by his name are iDeck, Alarmed, and BLISS. Noel Qualter is specialized in close up and iPad magic and performs on occasions and events that are private or corporate worldwide. In 2017 Noel Qualter launched his stand up iPad magic, which was called "Tech Tricks." Now you can enjoy social distanced magic in your next event by calling Noel Qualter.

The close-up table magician Noel Qualter:

Noel Qualter said that most of the magic he performs are general hand tricks performed in private parties, corporate events, weddings, product launches, and banquets. Close-up table magic is exceptionally versatile, which can be adapted to any function easily. This type of magic is performed from just a few inches away from your face, and you will be just amazed by the tricks.

Noel Qualter is one of the top quality Digital iPad magician who can entertain from children to old age people. His clean and innovative hand tricks can easily astonish and amuse anyone. If you plan an event like a wedding, parties, corporate event, banquet, the launch of a product, or any private or ball parties and want these events to be unforgettable, calling Noel Qualter will be great. As he will make you're even mesmerizing, and people will talk about it for years.

Magician at the Wedding:

The most important day of our life is the wedding day, which only comes in life. We do thousands of preparations and arrange a lot of things to make it memorable for years. How about calling a wedding magician London to entertain you and your guests? Noel Qualter is the cleanest magician who has entertained guests from high society parties to private ones containing only a few peoples from the past ten years.                                                                                                                                   

What type of magic will be performed at the wedding?

A lot of different tricks are performed to entertain guests and the wedding couple to make them amazed. New and most pleasing magic tricks are performed in other parts of the wedding to make the guests and couple entertainment throughout the event.

·        During photographs magic: The couple and family photo-shoot took a couple of hours, so a long period has remained before the meal. The guest gets bored through this period, so it's a great time to show the versatile tricks to make them shocked.

·        Magic during the meal: Magic during the dinner is also perfect as it makes the people who have met for the first time come closer and give the guest complete enjoyment and pleasure during eating.

·        The evening Reception magic: Before the evening reception, magic is excellent from an hour to two before serving beverages. So when the guest arrived, it's time to start the magic and amazed the guests with your clean and astonishing tricks.

Table magician at the wedding:

We always wanted to do something different and unique to make our event remembered for years. In this way calling a magician for table magic is just perfect for entertaining every single guest. In this form of magic, the magician shows different close-up magic tricks that challenge belief, like object changing in hands, disobey the laws of nature just a few inches away from the onlooker's faces. These impossible objects are given to the guest as a gift to remember the magician and his tricks.

If we talk about Noel Qualter, he performs magic with small things in his pocket like coin and cards; he also borrows objects from the guests like rings, banknotes, or mobile phones. He also has the skill to read minds, so he amazes people by showing tricks like mind games.                                                                                Conclusion:                                                                                                                   Noel Qualter is said to be a successful name among the magic world. He is one of the finest and experienced magicians who had won the different types of awards too. Every time to show something different, Noel Qualter did a lot of different tricks that were unbeatable. He is invited to make the event memorable for many events and occasions, and the guest remembers it for many years. To see different close-ups or table magic, you can invite Noel Qualter. 

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