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Best Welding Helmet for Sensitive Eyes

1. Introduction:

The welding helmet is a kind of a headgear that is used when a certain type of welding process are carried out by the welders. By using welding helmets, the welders try to protect the eyes, face, and neck from the fire burns or any other accidents which may result in the loss of any of the senses. Thus, a welding helmet is necessary equipment for welders. Without a welding helmet, any welding processes cannot be carried out successfully.

2. What Is The Safest Welding Helmet?

Welding is one of the most perilous professions in the world that involves working with infrared lights and UV rays that can cause serious damage to your eyes. There are various welding helmets in the market, however, the following welding helmets are the safest helmets available in the market:

i. 3M SpeedGlass 1900

This is one of the safest welding helmets available in the market. 3M SpeedGlass 1900 was ergonomic to provide you with the utmost comfort and relaxation so that you do not feel fatigued while working.

The welding helmet has been designed to protect the welder against the UV rays and infrared radiation.This is not affordable for many users.
It has an impressive battery life of 25,00 hours. 
It can be locked into a continuous dark or light shade state. 
The welding helmet is equipped with an exhaust vent that reduces fogging, heating and humidity. 
This welding helmet is the best for different types of welding processes. 

ii. Esab SENTINEL A50 Auto Dark Welding Helmet

This is one of the best welding headgears to buy as it provides amazing clarity to the wearer. The welder takes a wider view of the front area that it feels like to him that he is not wearing a welding helmet, at all.

It provides a wide-view screen to the users.This is quite expensive headgear.
Esab provides a clear wider screen to the welder. 
It has an auto-darkening feature enabled across all shades. 
This welding helmet has a normalized color change. 
It is really lightweight and easy to wear. 

iii. Jackson Safety BH3 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

Darkening Welding Helmet is one of the best and safest welding helmets offered by Jackson that meets all the workplace conditions and requirements of the welding field.

Jackson Safety BH3 has 1/1/1/1 optical clarity This welding helmet lacks the grind mode.
It has a bigger and wider viewing window, which is very comforting for the eyes.This is a fairly expensive headgear.
This amazing welding helmet is equipped with three knobs inside that allow the user to control delay, sensitivity, and shade. 
This spectacular welding helmet is suitable for different welding jobs. 

iv. Hobart 770756 Impact Variable Auto-Dark Welding Helmet

Hobart 770756 ensures the protection and safety of your eyes with its auto-darkening feature. It brightens and darkens your front view keeping up your eyes safe and protected.

Hobart has a variable shade range of 8 to 13.The cover frame of the helmet is not convenient to pop on and off.
Hobart 770756 is equipped with 3 arc sensors.This is quite an overpriced welding helmet.
It has both grind and weld modes. 
This amazing welding helmet has adjustable settings along with large viewing window. 

3. What Is The Best Welding Helmet For TIG?

TIG welding is another name of the gas tungsten arc welding. TIG was created to weld the element magnesium in the year 1930 and 1940. TIG is also used for welding copper, two dissimilar metals, titanium and more.

The TIG arc welding process requires a special welding helmet that saves the welder from a number of dangerous elements. For the value of the money, Lincoln Electric 3350 is the best and safest welding helmet that you can find in the market. Lincoln Electric 3350 has the best sensitive sensors, which means that this particular helmet can be used for the lowest amperage TIG welding. This spectacular welding helmet provides you with a great crystal clear vision of the 3.94 X 3.86 view-port.

4. How Bad Is Welding For Your Eyes?

The eye infection or damage, which is brought during the welding, is called photokeratitis or “welder's flash.” The eye damage is really painful and hurting, and its damage is oftentimes irreversible. The ongoing welding work can make your eyes yellow over a period of time, in which vision can actually worsen and the contrast of the eyes can also be affected.

i.  Problem Caused by UV (Ultraviolet) Rays and Infrared Radiation:

All the various types of welding processes actually produce infrared radiation, ultraviolet rays, visible spectrum, etc. So, the interaction of your eyes with the UV rays and infrared radiation causes permanent damage to your eyes. The “irreversible” damage caused to the eyes is the worst scenario that can potentially occur to the welders. For instance, in the eyes of the welder happen to swell or become yellow, the damage cannot be reversed.

These damages live with the welders for their lives.

ii.  Flash Burns Cause Damage to the Eyes

It is not only the UV rays and infrared radiation that cause damage to the welder’s eyes but rather flashes burns also happen to severely injure the eyes. Flash burns cause the most serious and most common injuries to the welders, which includes, at the top, loss of the sight.

iii.  Other Damages Caused By Welding

Grinding, Cutting and other types of welding can actually send saws, debris and things flying to the eye of the welder, severely hitting and causing eye injury. Thus, welding is very injurious and damaging to the eyes.

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90% of the eye injuries can be prevented absolutely if the welder wears the perfect eye protection headgear. So, you need to choose the best product available in the market for the sake of your eyes. You should check all the features of the welding helmets before you opt for buying the product.

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