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Best Zero Data Attack Prevention Solutions in 2021

First of all, you should know what a zero data attack is? Zero data attack is one of the most common and dangerous types of cybersecurity attacks. These cyberattacks go for the weaknesses of your software and target it to enter your system. As a result, those viruses hack your system and leak or freeze your data according to their wish.

There are many types of zero data attacks, but the most common and dangerous types are network security attacks, malware attacks, social engineering attacks, and wireless security attacks.

Best Solutions of Zero Day Attack Preventions:

Many companies offer service to prevent zero day attacks and techniques, as most of the hackers also have hacks and cracks for those security codes and programmes.

So, I will share the most unique and up-to-date Zero Day Attack Protection & Prevention strategies.

  • Try to Use strong WAF:

WAF stands for the Web Application Firewall, and it is the best defense against zero day attacks. These WAF review all the incoming traffic and filter out the harmful and malicious traffic for the sake of zero day threat prevention.

It is all the game of quick response. If your WAF figures out some harmful and malicious traffic or examines any kind zero day attack, it has to respond as soon as possible. If it takes time to respond, the hacker cracks the code and enters your system quickly. A strong and impenetrable WAF responds in no time against the vindictive traffic and protects your system from any zero day attack.

  • Keeping Eye On Inbound Traffic:

Monitoring your network and having a meticulous eye on inbound and outbound traffic is an excellent method for zero day attack prevention. Sometimes hackers install some malicious and harmful bots in incoming traffic to add bugs to your system.

So, if you have an exact eye on all the traffic, you can quickly figure out the harmful routes and directories from where the malicious viruses and bugs are coming, and you can block those routes in real-time. Most of the IT professionals and engineers of the company monitor all the inbound and outbound traffic. So, they block all the proxies and directories from where they have doubt of incoming harmful viruses and bugs. There are also many proxies and zero day protection software are available in the market and online stores.

  • Create a Quick Response Plan:

It is basic psychology that a quick and sudden attack creates pressure and stucks your mind. So, you must have a backup plan to deal with hackers or any kind of zero day attack. There are many simple ways for the creation of quick response plans and ideas. If you want to create a plan, you must know the infrastructure of your IT company and understand all the systems and components of your network.

For the creation of a good plan, you should know the weaknesses and imperfections of your company. You have to identify and analyze which part or department has a deficiency of securities or zero day protection.

  • Creation of a Security Department:

Create a department of IT professionals who have pro knowledge about security systems and handle all the hacking activities calmly and appease. Divide these professionals into teams and give them specific actions and functions to perform. Divide them into three sections, the first one just monitor all the traffic on your network, the second one takes real actions against all the hacking activities and tries to fail all the zero day attacks, and the third one performs the actions as a backup team.

If you have all these three teams in action, there is probably no chance of a zero day attack on your system and if someone tries to do it, your team simply blocks their routes and secures your network.

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Educate Your Employees About Hacking Threats:

Not only your IT professionals and engineers but also all your employees should have basic knowledge about emails and online messages. All employees must have knowledge of which email message and link should they open and which should they report or block.

These are some tips to avoid the zero day attacks or cyber-attacks. There are also many other websites like Inky ZeroDay prevention that have many articles and blogs written on their website. But if you just follow all the above-mentioned steps, your network has zero percent chances to get hacked and your defense against zero day attacks gets very strong.

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