Bet On Yourself Playing Video Games And Make Money At Unikrn


Unikrn have established as the world’s leading experts for all things video games and Esports, and the only website fanatics need to turn to for their fix. With all the latest news and streams, is home to the most unbeatable range of Esports betting odds and markets for every game and every event around the world. 


The site has its very own resident tipster who is on hand to dish out the best tips on making your wagers stretch, and a complete variety of season outrights as well as vibrant live in play odds. Unikrn also houses some of the most innovative and unique features such as new virtual betting modes that help take gamers' passions to the next level. 


Another one of these unique features is UMode, Unikrn’s innovative player vs. house skill game mode that lets its users back themselves and place wagers on their own performance in game. 


How Does It Work? 


Unikrn’s UMode utilises a patented blockchain technology to power a backend that synchs up a player’s personal gaming account to their site account. Players will then be able to load up their game of choice from the UMode screen and will be presented by the house with a series of challenges that they can back themselves on. 


These challenges naturally vary from game to game, and offer a real chance with personal tailoring by covering broad scopes such as simply winning a game outright, or more specific achievements such as planting the most amount of bombs in a game like CS:GO. It’s the dream of every gamer out there to play games for cash, and UMode allows them the chance to do just that by choosing the challenges they want to back themselves in, how much they’re willing to put their money where their skills are. 


Unikrn (aka. The house) will determine the odds for each of these challenges by measuring the player’s profile and taking into account their skill through their level.


Unikrn’s innovative technology used for UMode will track how a player performs by following the player during the next official matchmaking game they join within the fifteen minutes immediately after they place their wager. 


What Are The Benefits Of Playing Unikrn UMode? 


As alluded to above, UMode offers players one of the most innovative, accessible and flexible forms of wagering in the world of gaming. Players do not have to have an in depth knowledge of either wagering or the competitive scene of the games they’re betting on to make money, they just need to know how to play their favourite titles and where their strengths lie within them. There’s also the added flexibility of being able to pick and choose the challenges they take on and how much they’re willing to bet on themselves being able to complete them; this helps raise the bar for those savvy in the world of wagering by unlocking the potential of things such as lucrative parlay builders and classic casino techniques of making money stretch out to its maximum. 


The format of UMode’s player vs. house structure also has a plethora of added benefits on top of that. Whereas player vs. player forms of wagering in things such as Moneymatches and informal wagers raise the problems of sharks or hustlers, UMode skips out on those concerns entirely by having all of the odds determined by a player’s own skill. 


The UMode Innovation

Unikrn was founded and led by Rahul Sood, a leading gaming expert and experienced head within the industry, who undoubtedly understands the importance of having innovative features in a field as vibrant, competitive and ever-growing such as Esports. Speaking about UMode, he remarked: “Over years, our fans have begged us for a way to back their own games and make their matchmaking more interesting, and now we’ve developed a way to do so which avoids the pitfalls of traditional players-vs-player skill betting.” has established itself as the leading light in the world of Esports betting, however through its continued innovations and boundary pushing with features such as UMode, there’s every chance they will continue to establish a legendary legacy in the years to come.