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Betting Tiger Dragon Casino Online

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When it comes to betting on Tiger and Dragon for people who have won in casino games, it is quite common. In the past, those who wanted to play casinos had to go abroad or locally to play with some casinos that were allowed by law. 

Nowadays, everyone can play casino games through online independent agencies. They have an online gaming service that is not impossible, you just have to register to play with them according to the standard betting. 

One of the most popular casino games is Dragon Tiger and Carat Ball. But for those who are new to this game, you must be wondering how to play the game. For the easiest way to play this game, there are instructions on how to play the game with an online casino.

Explanation of the Dragon Tiger game through online betting

Abroad, Dragon Tiger is classified as one of the most popular casino games. Dragon Tiger Online agents, whether local or foreign, mark both games as Tiger or Dragon, which is a one-time betting option. 

Dragon Tiger betting in Cambodia is divided into two similar categories: Dragon Tiger and Karate. Both of them are considered to be great games with similar gameplay formats. 

The casino has two games called Baccarat Online and Dragon Tiger Online. This game, although similar, is divided into different games. First, you need to make sure which game you want to play. 

The difference between the two games is the use of Player / Banker and Dragon / Tiger in the media or in your game options. Which Tiger, Dragon or Ball do you want to play is your question. 

Each Dragon Tiger website will definitely have a server that will be connected to the respective game provider. Here we will explain to you the steps of playing Dragon Tiger online that you can try directly in Live Casino Games. 

The following is an explanation of how to play Dragon Tiger online casino games, including:

Register at Kubet

Of course, everyone already knows that if you want to play Dragon Tiger betting with an online agent, all you have to do is sign up. But obviously still ask where to register? Yes, you need to register on a trusted and secure website. 

For those who want to register to play online game Dragon Tiger, you can follow the instructions on the Kubet site. An explanation for an online gambling site that offers a variety of games, including Dragon Tiger.

Deposit to win a game at Dragon Tiger Online

It is certain that if you want to play at Dragon Tiger Agent first you have to make a deposit for the bet. Ideally, the recommended online site also has a reasonable minimum deposit for the first opening account, starting at around 100k vnd.

Login and select Tiger Dragon Game

You have registered with Dragon Tiger Online Agent and made a deposit, then you have to choose the game directly. Go to the online gambling site and choose the game you want to play and in this article is the Tiger and Dragon game to play. 

Easy Winning Strategies to Play Dragon Tiger Online

For those of you who just want to try out Tiger Tiger Dragon online betting game, make sure you know how to play and the strategy in the game. To win is essential to increase your winning percentage in an effective Dragon Tiger game.

Black / Red Bet

Now to place bets only on Dragon & Tiger, you can also use this strategy to increase the winning percentage in the game. You can see the black / red color history after making sure the color is between black / red immediately, bet on the color you want to play.

Place big / small bets

For this type of bet, there are two in the game, you can also guess the numbers that appear to increase the winning percentage of Dragon Tiger bets. Small numbers usually start from 0 to 4 and big numbers start from 5 to 9.

Bet on Odds / Pairs

The next strategy you can use is to look at the history of odd or even numbers. This method is also widely used by online dragon tiger experts. For odd and even betting systems, only in Tiger and Dragon games and not for online baccarat. 

As mentioned above, we hope that you will gain a lot of knowledge about online gambling, especially the game of tiger, dragon and karate. And win by betting with a trusted online agent.

Have fun!


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