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The Reasons Why A Bhutan Tour Should Be Your Obvious Choice


The story of sheer congeniality between India, our country and Bhutan is not a new story to tell. Their unique friendship has resulted in positive diplomatic and economic relations. It has, further, boosted the growth of tourism between the two Asian countries. A large number of tourists from India visit the land of Thunder Dragon every year and the same is reciprocated from the other side. The soaring interest among the people to travel to this neighboring country has propelled the travel agencies to curate some exciting tour packages to Bhutan. In this regard, we cannot help but talk about TravelXploria, the top travel agency in Kolkata. The service provider is winning the hearts of tourists by offering the special Bhutan tour package from Kolkata. Its planned itinerary at cost-effective rates will introduce you to the beauty of the country absolutely hassle-free. Should you be looking for reasons to go ahead with Bhutan, read the informative list provided below.

1. The delightful nature and climate- Bhutan is cradling the gigantic Himalayas and luscious green valleys. The country’s pristine nature is exclusive and nowhere to be else to be found. The glacial rivers create the fascinating water bodies that lend an additional charm to the natural scenery. No matter in which season you plan to visit Bhutan, its pleasant weather will welcome you with the open arms. The Kolkata-based tour agency gives you the opportunity to customize your Bhutan trip. All you have to do is to share your planning details to have them arrange for your dream trip.


2. Traditional yet appealing lifestyle- It is a challenge today to keep your tradition alive in the face of full-fledged modernity. However, Bhutan is setting an example for the world by upholding its tradition with pride. The local population in traditional Bhutanese outfits (“Kira” for the females and “Gho” for the males) form the regular sight in the country. When in Bhutan, you cannot miss the chance of decking up in the traditional attire and pose for the camera! TravelXploria’s Bestselling Bhutan tour plan lets you experience all unicorns and rainbows in this distant yet familiar land.

3. The world’s capital of happiness- It is not without a reason that Bhutan has left every other nation behind to top the World’s Happiness Index. The local population is noted for their amiable nature. Needless to say, you will home away from home once you step on to the land of this country. The quick laughter and heart-melting behavior of the Bhutanese may not even want you to come back to your own home. Such is their socio-cultural congeniality!

4. Architectural grandeur- The heavy influence of Buddhism is more than prominent in Bhutan’s socio-cultural realm. This influence has manifested itself in the architectural form, which is distinguished by the Buddhist-styled pagodas. Although you may miss the views of skyscrapers and towering buildings, the small nation’s ancient architectural style is simply majestic. When it comes to choosing the accommodation for your stay in Bhutan, the trusted agency picks the best hotels and lodges that are nothing but divine. With all these facilities in line, you simply cannot delay anymore to book the Bhutan tour package from Kolkata.

5. Exciting activities await you- The mountains and hills in Bhutan will appeal to your adventurous soul for sure. You can play the perfect daredevil while trekking the mountain. Moreover, the simple yet enchanting shopping markets in Bhutan deserve your attention. Do not hesitate to purchase some bamboo handicrafts, special ornaments and winter garments from the Bhutia shops for the loved ones back at your home. Are you a sports-freak? Give archery a try, which also happens to be Bhutan’s national sport.

Trip to Bhutan from India is very much sought-after these days. This write-up has shared all the good reasons why you should never give the Bhutan tour a miss. The combination of a fantastic climate, the jovial people and the religious architectural style has made Bhutan a happily traditional country in today’s time.

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