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Big Hats: A Fashion Statement

Hats are in vogue from as early as 3200 BC. They have adorned the hats of various men and women in various ceremonies. They are considered as social status marking and sometimes an expression of fashion. Recently they have made a comeback in the fashion industry. They have bounced back in different shapes, colors and sizes. Lately, Big hats are a fashion statement.

Different Types of Hats

There are so many types of hats in the market to choose from and worn by many people. Some of them are here like-

·         Baseball Hats- They are categorized under sport’s hats and are unisex. Made from soft cotton material, these hats are the most common hats across the globe. Originally they are from straw with time they have evolved, and now cotton is used to make them.

·         Bucket Hats-We use polyester, cotton, or nylon to make these hats. They are very popular since worn by the United States military in the Vietnam War. Bucket hats are originally known as Irish Walking Hat. They are popular with farmers and fishermen. It’s a unisex hat and worn by both men and women.

·         Visor Hats- These hats are frequently visible at the beaches, but they are originally designed to be sports hats. It is a crown-less hat. Tennis players use them because they help in fast heat loss. However, the hat does not shield the crown of the head from UV rays.

Big Hats in Vogue

Hats were at their peak in the fashion industry in the 19th century. Since then, many things havebeen revamped in the industry. Wearing big hats to make a style statement has not changed a lot. They are to protect the skin from the rays of the sun and are available in all shapes and materials, but they portray a sense of fashion of the hat wearer.

There are so many types of big hats that are to make a fashion statement in the world. They are generally worn by models and actresses to accessorize the outfit or to promote a brand. Some of them are-

·         Floppy Hats- Generally, these hats are made of Polyester or Straw and adorns the head of women across the globe. They are quite Versatile as they not only protect from the sun, but because of their large crown, these big hats call out to every beachgoer. They havebeen worn in cities andare an element of fun, and they are styled in various ways. Floppy hats are a style statement, and one can wear them with any dress. Hands down,one can wear any outfit or even a bathing suit in that matter. It is a must-have item for summer in your wardrobe. They are excellent wear for a visit to your favorite café.

·         Western Hats- Unlike floppy hats, western hats come in various sizes, i.e., from small to big. These big hats are unisex and made from felt and wool. Commonly called Cowboy or Cowgirl hats,these hats have a high crown, and they define the attire of an American cowboy. These big hats gained the limelight when they made their debut in American movies in the 19th century. They protect fromUV rays and are mostly waterproof. In modern times they include buckles and bows and sometimes leather used to make them.

·         Derby Hats-They are for women, and depending upon their styles,made using straw or polyester. They are high Fashion hats and are commonly visible on any opening days of the films or shoot. Actresses wear them. They have wide brims and are quite dramatic. They come in various funky colors. Derby hats gained popularity by the then-no. 1 Hollywood actress Audrey Hepburn. She wore various derby hats. They are big hats and look good on women. The hat became a phenomenon when it adorned her head in the 1961 film Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The shape of derby hats is inconsonant with lampshade hence, justifying their big size.



All the hats mentioned above are synonymous with a fashion statement. They can look good on anyone and will always be in vogue. The fashion of hats is eternal in industry. In recent times the big hats are a must-have in everyone’s wardrobe. It is sometimes said that great leaders wear big hats. In various cultures, it was considered a sign of a good household to wear hats. It is a culture in England to wear hats in ceremonies such as weddings and funerals. Hats are a part of their culture. That is the reason the queen still wears them. In older days, people used hats as criteria to judge people. The better the hat, the more well off the family is. With this, we can conclude that they are here for a long time and are a fashion must-have.

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