Bike Insurance Calculator - An Accurate Way to Calculate the Premium Online


Owning a two-wheeler comes with many responsibilities, and choosing the right insurance is one of them. You may plan to go ahead with comprehensive or 3rd party bike insurance, but here is something that will help you choose a perfect plan? While many consult a professional insurance broker, a lot of people agree that premium amount dramatically influences their decision. Not everyone can pay hefty premiums. That being said, people don’t choose insurance with the lowest premium, but they prefer cost-effective insurance that offers maximum coverage.

Making use of a bike insurance calculator is a wise way to select the best insurance out of a plethora of options. Whether you want to renew two-wheeler insurance or buy a new cover, an insurance calculator can help you make an insightful decision. Using these calculators is effortless and simple, not just that you can also draw a comparison between the premium amounts of different policies in mere minutes.

Wondering if you need any prerequisites to Use a Bike Insurance Calculator

A bike insurance calculator aims to ease things for insurance seekers, not complicate them. When you visit a website having an online bike insurance calculator, you will first be asked to choose whether you want to buy new insurance or renew your existing one. Choose the correct option, and provide the details being asked in the following steps. If you’re buying new insurance for your two-wheeler, you will have to share your bike’s registration date, the location where you drive, bike’s make and model, variant, and other bike-related details.

Besides the basic information, you can also choose any rider you want to include in the insurance. Giving the correct details will provide you the right premium figure, so be careful while filling in the details. Once you have typed all the information, click on the “Get Quote” button. You will now be shown the premium amount. You should also check the IRDAI rules before purchasing an insurance policy for your bike.  

Choosing the Right Bike Insurance was Never this Easy

When someone thinks of buying bike insurance, they think of undergoing the same lengthy process that starts with meeting a professional from the insurance company. The good news for bike owners is that you don’t have to experience the same tedious process anymore. With the availability of an online bike insurance calculator, you can get an idea of the premium you’ll be required to pay with or without specific riders. It makes the entire process superfast, smooth, and convenient.

If you want to buy a 3rd party or comprehensive bike insurance with great covers, you may have to pay a reasonable premium amount for it. The only use of a bike insurance premium calculator is to help you navigate your way in making the right choices. You should always use this calculator to gather an idea about the various bike insurance available in the market, and then schedule an appointment with an insurance broker to discuss your selected policies.

Get Approximate Premium Figures for New & Old Bikes

Whether you’re buying your first bike in the coming days or you already have one, in either case, you will need to get it insured under the best bike insurance cover. When it comes to old and new bikes, you should know that the new bike always carries a higher premium amount and vice-versa. It is because old bikes are naturally disqualified from various riders offered by insurance companies. For example, you can only purchase add-ons like a return to invoice or zero depreciation cover if your bike is new. Two-wheelers older than five years have limited add-on options; hence, their premium amount is also lower compared to the new bikes. The rest of the details can be known by using an online bike insurance calculator.

Why Use a Bike Insurance Premium Calculator? 

Like GPS for bikes acts as a life savior, a bike insurance calculator acts as a time saver for people looking to buy or renew bike insurance policy. It saves your time, effort and helps you make informed decisions that are backed by data. So go ahead, use a calculator, and contact a professional insurance broker if you see face any trouble.