Bill Gates Cars

Millionaire at the age of 23 and billionaire at the age of 33 who gets all this success at such age, its one and only BILL GATES. The principal founder of Microsoft Corporation, he is not only business techie but a Philanthropist too who works to save lives and improve global health.

Bill Gates has immense passion and love for fast speed cars he has not one two or three but many fast speed cars, here is the catalog of its few fast cars with their worth:

Maybach 62s Landaulet- $1.4 million

Tesla Model X- $145,000

Audi R8- $250,000

Lamborghini Aventador-$600,000

Bugatti Veyron- $1.7 millions

Porsche 911Carrera- $110,000

Porsche 959 Coupe- $150,000

Mercedes Van Marco Polo- $90,000

Cadillac Escalade- $100,000

Corvette Limo- $100,000

Just like making super cool computers he has super cool collection of cars and reviewing his collection one can understand how passionate he is about speed and cars.

Bill Gates Cars

FORD FOCUS is also among one of the favorite cars of Bill Gates he has been several time riding ford focus to and from Microsoft offices. Healso had funny exchange of word with Ford Motor Company discussing the similarities of computer and automotive industries.

Bill Gates love German automotive and he ownsPorsches 3 brands.


Bill Gates owns 1979 model featuring 3.3 liter engine, responsible for providing 300hp, the car is in production since 1963 and most car lovers love this model and fall for its beauty and style, Bill Gates surrendered its possession in 2012 and it was sold at auction house it was estimated for $62,000 but actually it was sold for $80,000


The name also goes with911 turbo it’s a sports car produced in the year 1975and 1989 available as 2 doors it features two engine of different capacity 3.0 and 3.3 literwith different production years the model owned by Bill Gates can go from 0 to 60 mph in a matter of only 5.2 seconds with maximumspeed of 153 mph.


Bill Gates was extreme passionate to drive this car but could not get its hands on it. Porsche 959 Coupe is best among Bill Gates Car collection as it holds soft corner and a history in Bill Gates heart. Inspire of huge wealth it was not easy for Bill gates to get Porsche 959as the vehicle had no known crash ratings and it was prohibited in the United States the car spent a decade at Seattle port as it was retained by the US customs services.

In 1999 America’s President  Bill Clinton passed the “show and display” law which lifted the ban for collectible number of cars which includes Bill Gates Porsche which is a rare collection as only 337 cars were only produced. Finally bill gates could enjoy the rage of 959 coupe after waiting long for 10 years and this history of Porsche 959 Coupe goes well his famous “Patience is key element of success.

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