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Binge-friendly apps that you should keep on your phone

Bingeing is a thing, and it's not going away. Whether it's an HBO series or your favorite movie franchise, you can't escape the feeling of being sucked into these shows or movies.

That's why we're here to help you find apps that will make binge-watching easier and more enjoyable than ever before.

Keeping these apps in your comfort zone, i.e., on your phone, makes it super handy to binge-watch anywhere and anytime. This article will help you find binge-friendly apps that you should keep on your phone.


Netflix is a streaming service that offers viewers more than 80 million titles, including movies and TV shows. The company's library has grown to include more than 1,000 titles in every genre imaginable—from action-adventure to romance and drama.

Netflix also has an impressive selection of content for kids under 6 years old (with parental guidance), making it one of the best options for families who want their kids on board with binge-watching shows all day long!


HBO Now is a streaming service that gives you access to HBO's content library. You can watch live TV or access your favorite shows, movies, and documentaries on demand.

The HBO Now service offers several unique features in addition to the usual assortment of movies and TV shows on Netflix Instant Watch (which we will discuss later)


Hulu is a streaming service that offers a huge library of TV shows and movies. You can watch anywhere, anytime, from the comfort of your living room or on the go with the app on your phone.

If you're looking for something specific, Hulu has plenty of options for binge-watching: The Handmaid's Tale is an award-winning drama about life in Gilead.


The SonyLiv app is the official app of Sony's video platform. It's a free mobile streaming application that lets you watch your favorite shows on Sony TV Live, including movies, TV shows, live sporting events, and more. Several non-English content options are available to Indians, including Hindi TV series, Bollywood movies, and other non-English options.

However, you can download SonyLIV for free on your phone only in India, as it has geo-restrictions. If you are a US resident, let me guide you: you can also access SonyLiv in USA, but it will require some bucks as you have to subscribe to a premium VPN to access geo-restricted content.

Amazon Prime Video

The Amazon Prime Video application allows you to access a large library of movies and TV shows 24/7. This app is included with an Amazon Prime membership, so if you're already paying for the premium shipping and other perks, you'll love it.

You can watch on your computer, mobile devices, and TV.

Acorn TV

Acorn TV is an online subscription service that offers a wide range of British programming, including “Doc Martin,” “Vera,” and “Prime Suspect.” The app has several original shows, such as "The Great British Bake Off" and "Sherlock."

Acorn TV is available for $4.99 or $50 per year through Apple iTunes or Google Play ($9.99/month).

Showtime Anytime

Showtime Anytime is a streaming service that offers full seasons of shows like Homeland and Billions. You can watch on your phone, tablet, or computer, but also through AirPlay if you're using an Apple TV.

CBS All Access

If you're an avid fan of CBS, this is the streaming service for you. Full seasons of current and past shows are available for streaming on-demand (including NCIS: New Orleans, The Good Wife, and The Late Late Show with James Corden). You can also watch live TV shows like 60 Minutes or The Big Bang Theory with ads removed; this includes sports games like NFL Sunday Ticket and news programs like 60 Minutes Sports.

It's important to note that CBS All Access only currently works with Android devices—but there are plans to bring over iOS support soon enough!


Starz is a premium cable channel with many movies and shows. It's available on multiple streaming services, including the free trial option on Amazon Prime Video, where you can watch Starz without added costs.

If you want to start binge-watching, there's no better way than using an app like Starz!


Shudder is a streaming service specializing in horror and thriller movies, TV shows, and original content. The service has a good selection of movies (including some classic ones), but the TV selection is limited.

Shudder costs $4.99 a month or $49.99 a year for its basic subscription plan; there are also additional features available through an upgrade called "Shudder Select" that costs $8 a month ($80 a year) and allows you to watch on-demand episodes after they air instead of having them all ready at once like with regular cable subscriptions (though this may not apply to everyone).

Once you start bingeing, it's hard to stop.

It's easy to blame binge-watching because we've turned TV into something it wasn't intended to be: an addictive, time-killing activity. But the real culprit is the technology itself.

When watching TV and your phone buzzes with a notification, you might reach out across the room or sit up straight on the couch because your brain thinks it's time for another episode of whatever show has caught your eye.

Ending Line:

We hope this list of binge-friendly apps has helped you find the right one for your needs. Remember, it’s always best to test out new apps before buying—dozens of free trials out there!—and be sure to keep your phone charged and close by. You never know when that next binge might start!

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