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Bingo - a classic of gambling: rules, history, types

There is a huge variety of gambling, but among them there are some that can be called classic. These are the most popular entertainments, because even those who are not interested in gambling have heard and know about them. One of such games is bingo, the name of which has become a common and full-fledged synonym of joy, success and victory.

Let’s talk about the essence of bingo, its rules and types. How the game appeared and why it became one of the most popular in the world - read in the material.

What is bingo

Bingo is a gamble that underlies many lotteries. Unlike other gambling entertainment, bingo is not just gambling. He is often played not for money, but for a pleasant pastime with friends and family. Bingo is able to unite generations, because it is equally loved by children and adults.

The purpose of bingo is to cross out all the fields on the number card. These numbers are randomly selected by the presenter. The participant who completes the task first wins. And to inform others about it, he needs to shout out loud: "Bingo!".

Gambling bingo rules

Bingo is often played in casinos and special bingo salons, where dozens of people can participate in the games at the same time. Before the game, everyone wants to buy cards with numbers. One participant can have several of them - this increases the chances of winning.

In addition to players and cards, bingo requires a leader and a lototron with balls, although other ways of choosing numbers can be used. During the game, the facilitator pulls one ball from the lottery machine and announces the number indicated on it to the participants. Then they look for this meaning in their cards, and if they find it, they mark or cross it out.

The game continues until one of the participants completes the task - cross out all the numbers on the card or form a certain picture or figure from the marked numbers. The contender for the prize must shout "Bingo!" - The game stops only after that.

The card must be checked so that the player does not win by deception. If everything is correct, the participant receives his prize.

History of bingo

It is believed that the prototype of modern bingo existed in the 16th century. The first mention of the Italian game Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia appeared in 1530. Then, by drawing balloons with numbers, members of the Grand Council of Genoa were elected.

After the game became popular in Italy, its variations spread to other European countries. In France, a game called Le Lotto became the entertainment of nobles, and in Germany a similar game was used for learning.

Homeland of modern bingo is the United States. During the Great Depression, American Edwin Lowe failed in business. He sold toys, but his company went bankrupt. He found the solution to this problem by accident - during a visit to the fair.

The man saw a group of people who zealously played a game unknown to him. They had cards with numbers, and to mark the numbers that matched, the players put beans on the fields. Winning, the winners shouted "Bean go!" ("Bib is coming!").

Edwin Lowe liked the idea. He changed the rules of the game a bit and called it "Bingo" - maybe he just didn't hear the players shouting at the fair, and maybe specifically to differentiate his game from theirs.

The man started selling game sets for bingo, and soon organized a game in New York. He even hired Columbia University professor Karl Leffler to develop 6,000 new maps with different combinations of numbers.

Since then, bingo has become popular in the United States and around the world. Over time, different types of games appeared, it began to play in large and small casinos and open separate salons that specialize only in bingo. Entertainment remains relevant today, and the development of technology has helped it to occupy its niche in the online gambling sector.

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Varieties of the game

Varieties of bingo differ in the total number of balls with numbers and fields on playing cards. These parameters affect the duration of the game and the variability of combinations. In addition, different types of bingo can determine the winners in different ways.

75-ball bingo or American bingo is considered a classic version of the game. From the name it is clear that in this version, 75 balls with numbers. Each card in this bingo has 25 fields arranged 5 x 5, but one of them is empty. It has only 24 numbers, and the central one is considered automatically filled.

Most often to win in American bingo you need to make a picture from the marked fields. It can be a line, a figure or anything else determined by the conditions.

90-ball bingo or British bingo is more common in Europe. The cards in this version have 27 fields arranged 3 x 9, but only 15 are filled with numbers.

British bingo is usually played in 3 stages, determining the intermediate winners. The first is the one who has completely assembled any one line of numbers. The second is the one who collected 2 lines, and the main one is the one who filled in the whole card. They share the winnings with each other. 55% is won by the winner with three collected lines, 30% - the lucky one with two lines, and 15% - the one who collected only one row.

Bingo for 30 balls is considered fast. The party in it is usually not delayed. Players receive cards with 3 x 3 margins. The winner is the one who crosses out all the numbers faster.

Of course, these are not all ways to play bingo. This legendary game has many variations, and also allows players to invent their own terms and conditions.

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