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Birthday party ideas for your baby girl

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Birthday parties are the most special time for almost everyone. But once adult life hits everyone, everybody stops caring about their birthday. But for children, it is their right that they are treated like royals and pampered because childhood is truly a time of magic.

After becoming parents, all they think about is how to celebrate their child’s birthday in the best way possible, forgetting that their birthday exists too. But that’s how parents are. Selfless and full of love. If you are deciding to plan a birthday party for your adorable doll baby girl, then worry not because you are in the right place.

All baby girls want their big day to be as magical as possible. As trends are changing, birthday party styles have also taken a new leap.

These days everyone is hosting theme parties. The décor has changed from traditional balloons to helium balloons. So, in a nutshell, there have been a lot of changes. There have been so many advancements that once you enter a birthday supply shop, you will buy almost everything. Because each and everything there is so unique. Kylie Jenner, daughter’s birthday, is one prominent example of how so many things are available today.

So here are some ideas and themes on how you can celebrate your baby girl’s birthday party in the best possible way:

  1. Character Theme Party:

All little ladies love Elsa and Anna. A frozen theme party is the most anticipated event by girls. So why not choose this theme? Ask all your guests to wear something related to the movie. Or they can wear Blue or White dresses. Your baby girl can dress as one of the sisters she likes. Order a customized cake of all movie characters or either the two feature characters. Make blue and white cake pops, blue frosting cupcakes. Add Blue food coloring to the drinks. Buy shimmery balloons in various shades of Blue and White colors. You can even DIY snowflakes and hang them everywhere.

Your party can’t be complete without goody bags on birthday events. Get a poster printed or make big size pictures of Elsa, Anna, and Olaf and paste them as a backdrop. Buy or just DIY (do it yourself.) paper bags. Print frozen stickers and include a few sweets, an activity book, a coloring book, and color pencils. These were to give you an idea of how you can assemble goody bags, and what can you keep in them. To make the birthday party even more magical. You can also make fake snow from scratch and spray that snow.

  1. Amusement Park Party:

Who doesn’t love amusement parks? Every adult and child goes crazy when going there. What if you celebrate your baby girl’s birthday there. Rent a space and hire food vendors of popcorn, french fries, and cotton candy. Think about entertainment and fun! You can give everyone a sash of different colors. For lunch, you can have pizzas. It sounds so much fun. The cake can be of any character your daughter likes. Or if possible, you can rent a bus and put up a banner of your baby girl’s birthday.

  1. Unicorn Themed Party:

This mythical character is the most significant trend these days. Nobody wants to get over unicorns. So a unicorn-themed birthday can be a great idea too. Unicorn cakes are so appealing because of the variety of colors. Decorate the cake table with shimmery edible cookies and cupcakes, and you can decorate the place with balloons.

  1. Safari Themed Party:

A safari-themed party can be a great option. You can organize a puppet show along with a magic show. For décor, you can put little cages everywhere. Or even you can decorate the venue like a zoo with trees and 3D animal characters all around. Make a giant tree and few animals for the backdrop. Hang different animals with brown and green balloons. For goody bags, along with sweets and other things, you can give your guests something meaningful. Like seeds or a small plant which they can plant in their garden and grow. The idea is very thoughtful because the plant will grow with them. The little children can have playing activities like being locked up in a cage and then freeing themselves too. The safari is a broad theme and the safest theme. You can get a customized zoo-themed cake as well. And around that can be green, brown, and orange cupcakes, so they add a pop of color.

Final Words:

These are some of the ideas on how you can brighten up your baby girl’s grand day. These were just a few ideas on how you can do it. But you can always experiment more because, as parents, you may want everything best for your child. But remember that the most important tip is to have this birthday party in daylight. It is the best time to arrange a party. Hire a photographer to capture beautiful memories of the special day. We hope the ideas above benefit you because they are all are trending. DIY is the best way to reduce your expenses. So try to make goody bags, props and birthday caps by yourself. Hoping that you will have fun planning the birthday party. Best of luck!

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