Bitcoin And The Blockchain Are Revolutionizing The Casino Industry

Bitcoin Casino Revolution

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies were one of the most debated subjects in the world in 2017 and this year the increase is reaching new heights. We are entering the age of the Blockchain and soon all our online transactions will utilize this new technology. It improves and solves many problems faced by fiat currencies and is on a path to completely replace the old systems in place within the next decade.

Many industries are still learning about blockchain technology and how they can use it to improve their businesses. One industry that has been at the forefront of innovation using the Blockchain is the casino and gambling sector. Bitcoin started out as a currency for gamers betting on outcomes so it makes sense why this sector was the first to explore the possibilities. This has led to exciting new concepts that are going to improve the chances of players and provide them with a platform they can trust due to the public ledger.

#1: Blockchain Technology

It should come as no surprise that the online gambling world was the first to embrace Blockchain technology. The new digital money started out as a currency for gamers who bet against each other and it was due to that success why Bitcoin managed to get enough traction to start its global dominance.

Daniel Kay from Bitcoin Casino No Deposit Bonus says “The first unique game designed specifically to run on the Blockchain was dice. It uses the Blockchain to automate payments and the public ledger to display all bets and outcomes. It has made it possible for the first time in history to offer players genuine provably fair odds and a house edge of almost zero”.

#2: Bitcoin Vs Blockchain Casinos

The casino industry is experts are making players believe that they have the best and most fair games in the world. Many have taken advantage of players lack of knowledge about the Blockchain and are presenting themselves as a Bitcoin Casino. It is important that you understand the difference between a gambling platform that accepts cryptocurrency, compared with one that runs on the Blockchain. Ones that just accept BTC as a payment option do not offer the full benefits of running on the Blockchain as they will not have transparent provably fair odds.

#3: RNG Vs Provably Fair

Random Number Generated casinos games such as video slots as starting to lose their appeal to players. They know that it is purely down to luck and the odds are firmly in the favor of the operator. Since the introduction of Bitcoin slot machines that offer provably fair odds with a tiny house edge, these type of games are becoming extremely popular again. With progressive jackpots in the millions of dollars, it is no surprise to see why they are becoming popular once again.

#4: Player Anonymity

One major problem faced by gamblers around the world is having gambling transactions showing up on their bank statements. These can stop people from being able to get vital finance such as a mortgage as they are seen as a higher risk than someone that does not gamble. Bitcoin enables players to stop this from happening and protect their credit scores so that they do not have any problems when applying for a loan or mortgage.

#5: Instance Payments

The transaction speed of Bitcoin may be getting slower as the network struggles to cope with demand but it is still far quicker than the other traditional methods. The lightning network and LiteCoin could be the solution to this in the near future and provide the solution that Bitcoin was originally supposed to solve.


The gambling industry is at the start of the biggest change in its long history. Bitcoin Casino sites and BTC sports betting are just the first in a long line of new and improved systems that will improve the experience of the player. The transparency that the Blockchain brings will give a level of trust in the industry that has been lacking in the past. It is exciting times and if you want to get in at the start you can partake in one of the many gambling ICOs available.

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