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Black Mold on Your Bathroom Ceiling

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The growth of mold on your bathroom ceiling is a sign of water damage. It is one issue you must not ignore for too long to avoid more serious problems. It is not enough to just mix a quarter of bleach with a quarter of water to form a solution used to wash the black mold, you should contact mold remediation expert who can troubleshoot the source of the problem and recommend the ideal solution before removing the black mold growth permanently. 

The Cause of Black Mold Growth on the Bathroom Ceiling

Condensation on the ceiling wall is the main reason why black mold form on the surface.  When the warm and the air-filled moisture comes in contact with the cold surface of the bathroom ceiling, it becomes cool and can no longer hold the moisture which then condenses on the surface of the ceiling. Since the ceiling surface is always contaminated with bacteria, it is easier for the microorganisms to grow and thrive when there is moisture. Mixing a quarter of bleach with a quarter of water and scrubbing the solution against the ceiling to wipe off the mold is a temporary solution, please contact Water Damage technician for a more effective solution. 

Preventing Black mold Growth in Your Bathroom Ceiling

The best possible way to reduce the risks of black mold growth on your bathroom ceiling is to reduce the amount of moisture created inside, and circulating in the air. Open the bathroom door and window when you are done with bathing to achieve this. Ventilating the entire bathroom space before moisture condenses will ensure that the moisture in the air is removed before air takes it up to the ceiling to encourage mold growth. 

Another way to reduce the risks of having black mold growth on your bathroom ceiling is to insulate your home properly so that there will be fewer cold surfaces and the air circulating within is kept warm always. A warm air that is enough to hold its moisture will drastically reduce condensation on the surface of the ceiling. 

It is practically impossible to eliminate moist air inside the bathroom hence it will be practically impossible to eliminate the moisture in the air. You may want to combine good ventilation practices with the use of an extractor fan to reduce the level of condensation within the bathroom enclosure, thus reducing the risks of black mold growth.


Ventilation can be one of the best practical ways to prevent condensation and eventual black mold growth. Ventilation methods such as opening the windows may not be feasible during extreme winter conditions because opening the window can make the bathroom more uncomfortable. The use of the antibacterial spray is not encouraged in household bathrooms due to its harmful effect when inhaled by humans. You must seek the help of mold remediation experts as soon as you discover black mold growth in the bathroom. The longer you delay in removing black mold, the higher the risk of related allergy problems within the home. 

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