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Blockchain Technology for Healthcare : Application, Challenges and Future

The blockchain technology is continuously raising towards immense success. It has spread its magic to all over the industries. In a very short period of time, the latest and innovative technology blockchain has molded the customers towards it.

The implementation of blockchain technology in the healthcare industry has sorted out the various challenges. Hence, it is believed that this trending technology will replace the traditional medium and will take the health industry one step forward to the modern and ddigitalization world. The demand of Healthcare software gave rise to the Healthcare Software Development service.

Before moving a head let’s first know about the blockchain technology!

A glance at Blockchain Technology

The blockchain technology was introduced in 2008, in whitepaper by the unknown group of people named as Santoshi Namakanto. At that time, no one has assumed that this technology will raise to the success graph. But now it has turned as a asset for every industry and sorting out the major challenges.

Basically, the blockchain technology supports the database and manages the data without any third party interference, where as every action and activity is recorded on the platform, and no one can done the modifications on the platform. The blockchain technology platform is not hackable and every action is recordable even no one can modify it. Hence, it brings transparency to the process.

According Silicon Republic Survey Report, blockchain startups raised $1.4 billion in 2016 and in the year 2017, it has raised to $1 million.

Before Implementing the blockchain technology, there were various challenges which were faced by the health sector.


Challenges of Healthcare Industry

  • Lack of data arrangement
  • Data insecurity
  • Misuse and counterfeiting of Medical Drugs
  • Data disintermediation
  • Data insecurity in Clinical Trials
  • Patient Data Management

These were the challenges that turn as a major role in the medical sector. But now, blockchain technology has been a rescue for it and by sorting out these challenges, it lifted the medical industry to the next level.

According to the Reports, 25% of countries are investing the blockchain technology

Let’s know how these challenges has been sorted out and being beneficial for the Healthcare industry.

Advantages of Blockchain Technology in The Healthcare Industry:

Challenge : Lack of data arrangement & Data insecurity

Solution By Blockchain Technology: Proper Data Management & Secure Data

With time, now the number of patients are getting increased and new diseases are marking their presence. The volume of the data is getting huge and becoming difficult to manage for the healthcare industry. For clinics and hospitals, it is a biggest challenge to store the data in a proper and organised way.

But with the help of blockchain technology, now healthcare data is manageable in a proper format.

The management of data includes the process:


  • The information is collected by the IoT Devices
  • Information is in the electronic form
  • Insurance Claims

The blockchain technology turns the into fully secure and smart format, as on this platform, the data can’t be removed or modified. The data is at save place and it is the biggest advantage by bringing data integrity.

2) Challenge: Misuse and counterfeiting of Medical Drugs

  Solution By Blockchain Technology: Drug Traceability

The main issue has been came in front that there is a huge misplacement of the drugs. There is even no records that how many medicines have been developed and what percentage, it has been used for right purpose. As per the Health Research Funding Organisation, 10%-30% of drugs in developing countries are fake.

With the blockchain technology, now there will secure data of the medicines and medicine consumed by the patients. It brings the transparency to the health system. It would be easy to detect the drug frauders.  

3) Challenge: Data insecurity in Clinical Trials

  Solution By Blockchain Technology: Secure Clinic Trials

It has been observed that in clinics doctors give the treatments as per their choice and some times, the treatment and medicine get affected to the customers. And unfortunately, these medical cases use to be closed and it is not possible to identify the criminal.

In this case, now on the blockchain, there is a record of every appointment and doctors have to fill the form on it.

It helps to bring the transparency on the medical platform and the treatment in the clinic become more secure and accurate.

4)  Challenge: Unorganised Patient Data Management

 Solution By Blockchain Technology: Organised Patient Data Management

Now, to collect and keep the data in an organised format is not easy, as now those days are gone when data use to be in the registers. Now time has been changed and number of patients has increased and health industry is forced to opt for the advanced and smart technologies like hospital management software and blockchain.


The blockchain helps to keep the data on the proper and secure format. According to  Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the data should be secure and in a proper format. It is a strict guideline. With the integration of blockchain technology, the data can’t be remove, hack or modified. So it keeps the patient data in a secure and manageable format.


Future of Blockchain technology in healthcare Industry

This dedecentralized ystem is going to change the whole process of the healthcare industry.  It is going to turn the industry into more secure and advanced. It has been expected that the data will be more secure and encrypt, which will lead to the advancement and transparency to the industry. This technology is going to revolutise the health industry.

In future the Healthcare Industry will become:

  1. Secure
  2. Advanced
  3. Transparent
  4. Reliable
  5. Effective


The healthcare industry is rapidly improving and the implementation of blockchain technology has turn as a boon to it. There are several challenges like lack of data management, insecure data, misuse of drugs etc, these challenges has been sorted out by blockchain and uplifted the healthcare industry towards modern and advanced.

Now, blockchain has become part of several hospitals and clinics, which has gave rise to the blockchain development companies, the demand of development companies has shocked the IT industry.


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