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You may be wondering, “Should I become a blogger or YouTuber?” Maybe you have a business with products or services to offer to online users out there, but don’t know what platform to use. Having a social media platform helps increase business visibility and generate more income. You could as well do both, but let’s analyze these platforms to better understand how they work. Both online platforms are efficient and rewarding to their hosts, depending on their requirements.

It is common these days to hear people say that blogging is no longer active, or that YouTube traffic hardly converts. However, these notions are far-fetched. Both platforms can help business owners achieve their goals if done properly.

Factors To Consider Before Choosing Either Blogging Or YouTube

There is no straight cut approach to selecting the ideal social media platform; it all depends on what you want as a business person. Some of the factors you would have to consider when comparing blogging vs YouTube include:

Competition is one element we can not do without, especially if our businesses have an online presence. Most business owners find competition intimidating, while others are propelled by it. Publicizing your niche with less competition will require specific content, ranging from keywords to videos. If your marketing strategy includes writing articles, then you need to research keywords to help you build the right content for that niche.

Your niche determines how best to present your content. For some businesses, content is best displayed in video formats. For others, texts and pictures are better.

Each social media platform has its merits and demerits. For blogs, you can always re-edit your posts anytime you want - something difficult to achieve with YouTube videos. In a situation where you need to include a new affiliate on YouTube, you may find yourself taking down the previous video and creating a new one from scratch.

It is easy to earn via blogging on your website as there are several ad networks you can choose from. These networks help you monetize web traffic. However, YouTubers can only monetize through Google Adsense.

Merits And Demerits Of YouTube

YouTube is a Google-owned social media platform where online users can share videos to a wide range of audience from their Youtube channels. This means that YouTubers have less control over their content as Google can remove such content if they deem it inappropriate. A video can receive millions of views daily. However, you may find it challenging to measure demographics or track activities.

On the other hand, blogs have targeted audiences you can easily track. If you are more of a video content creator, then YouTube is the ideal platform to use.

How Does It Work?

To create a YouTube video, you need a channel - this will help you monetize your content.

You can create video content and upload on your channel but it takes a lot of effort to make quality content. To engage with the target audience you may have to allocate time and effort to reach the top. Or you also can find out the best sites to buy YouTube views to boost your channel quickly. Your videos should be clear, unique, and captivating. The Partner Program is available for users to increase their earnings. 

Merits And Demerits Of Blogs

Setting up a blog is easy and free. Users can visit blogger.com to create a blog, or hire someone to create one and maintain it on your behalf. One your blog is up and ready, you can start posting content that appeals to readers, advertisers, and sponsors. A blog is also an ideal platform to market products and services. Additionally, you have total control over your site

As time progresses, you may want to have a blog and YouTube channel to increase brand visibility and profit-making.

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