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Boat Dock Fender Holder: 5 Types Of Fenders

What is a dock bumper? Dock bumpers are essential to protect the warehouse, prevent damage, and avoid costly repairs to vehicles, docks, and buildings. You can also find floating bumpers capable of adapting to the vertical movements of the vehicle during loading, for patios inclined towards the building.

What are Boat bumper holders for?

Boat bumper holders are designed to protect the hulls of boats when they enter a dock. A boat dock fender holder is usually made of rubber.  This rubber boat bumper holders resist damage from water and direct sunlight. Boat bumper holders are attached to the dock and come into contact with the ship's hull as it approaches the dock.

Boat bumper holders are used primarily as "bumpers" to absorb collision energy during contact between the vessel and the docks in the maritime industry. Sea vessels are embedded with boat dock fender holder on the outer surface of the vessel. These fenders are also installed on the springs.

The primary purpose of boat dock fender holders on the dock is to absorb collision energy during the docking process. This in return protects both the boat and the dock after the collision. Solid boat bumper holders have been used for ages, as they are readily available and are considered long lasting.

Boat dock fender holders come in different forms, including pneumatic type, CO type, SC type, GD type and many others. All these types of fenders are unique in their own way and come with different specifications and uses.


5 types of standard fenders:


1.      Pneumatic fenders: are the main anti-collision devices for marine applications. They play an active role as a means of protection against collision of ship-to-ship contacts (STS), and ship-to-berth. Their biggest advantage is that they absorb huge energy, with low unit acreage on the boat. They are also used in rapid response and emergency defenses, in tankers, gas carriers and bulk cargo ships.

2.      Super cellular fenders: These are also known as SC rubber fenders. Its main characteristics are the low reaction force with a high energy absorption capacity. They have also been rated as long-lasting and most preferably used on the sea dock.

3.      Cone Fenders: Also known as CO Type fenders, they withstand severe external shear force, making effective use of their tapered body shape. With their high levels of elasticity they are most often used in the construction of the large harbor.

4.      Foam filled fenders: these fenders are also very often used in ship-to-ship and ship-to-dock docking operations. They are used as alternatives to normal pneumatic fenders.

5.      Bow type: Even with a simple design, bow fender provides incredible shear performance, making it suitable for vessels with high allowable hull pressures.


At Quick Boat Fender, all loading dock bumpers are designed to offer superior strength and to absorb the potential impact.

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