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Boat Maintenance Tips: How to Take Good Care Of Your Boat

It is not always enough to winterize your boat so as to protect it from the cold weather during winter.  It is also never enough to acquire an annual servicing plan for your boat. You have to go an extra mile of ensuring that you take good care of your boat almost daily. The frequency of boat maintenance will depend mostly on how frequently and for how long you have used your boat. A boat used frequently will require more attention,

Proper and frequent maintenance of the boat is essential. This is because it minimizes breakages, unnecessary wear and tear, it also ensures durability and so forth. That said here are some essential boat maintenance tips that will give a complete piece of mind when cruising your boat.

Check-up on the engine

The engine is an essential part of your boat. Before you ignite the engine, ensure that you carefully check up on the engine. Most boats break down while on water due to engine failure. Checking the engine is quite an easy process. You first start by checking the basic that is the oil levels. Note that the lower the level, the more the danger. If it is low ensure that you top up with the right kind of oil. Secondly, check for any leaks, lubricate moving parts, and tighten bolts. Additionally, ensure that you flush the engine after every outing. This will help get rid of sand and prevent salt crystal deposits from destroying the engine.

Have your boat maintenance checklist

Ensure that you have a maintenance checklist. Since you are the one who knows your boat better than everyone, you are aware of what is working in order and what is not. A maintenance checklist should help ensure that all the lights in your boat are working, if not fix them. Frequently clean and check on batteries because with time they drain their power, more so when they are not in use. Other items to check include

  • Fenders- are they in good shape
  • Ensure that the electrical lines are working just fine and are not worn out
  • Ensure that all rails are secure

Clean your boat

Ensure that you regularly clean your boat to avoid corrosion and rust. Always ensure that you use fresh water to clean the boat.

Hire a professional mechanic

Hiring a professional mechanic is one of the best ideas for boat maintenance. Marine mechanic can identify a specific issue on your boat quickly than you. Also, they come in handy when you want the complex parts of the boat fixed. Before hiring take into consideration their reputation and what they are charging you

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