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Book an appointment with Video Consultation Doctor

Telemedicine services are highly appreciated as they benefit both patients and health professionals. Various digital technologies are involved in telehealth that helps connect patients remotely with the doctor or health consultant and even get medications prescribed over the internet. As a facility, anyone having a smartphone, a laptop, or a PC attached to a camera can make a virtual visit with the doctor. The service is particularly good for those who want to avoid visiting a hospital or who can’t travel for any specific health reasons or in the case of an epidemic.  

The service becomes more vital in the meantime of the Covid 19 pandemic, where going to a hospital could be the reason to get infected. More patients can receive excellent home health services, reducing the incidence of illness. Virtual treatment continues to increase in relevance because of the rapid spread of respiratory and flu visits as an alternative to the conventional visit at a clinic or a hospital. Teleconsultation will protect patients by enabling patients to find medical attention, lessening illnesses, and alleviating the stress on providers, supplying them with time savings. A patient must not make few mistakes while booking for telemedicine services -

Waiting till last minute to get the tech figured out-

If you don’t know how to use the digital platform like facetime, skype, WhatsApp call, etc., doesn’t mean you can wait until the last minute to speak with your doctor. For these applications to run, the electronic gadget or smartphone may have system specifications that aren’t met. It will take time to register and set up accounts, too.

Check ahead of time if you haven’t done telehealth before. Download any program that you want, make sure your equipment and PC are up to date, and try out your link for non-techies. There are a few apps for that. Getting this ready in advance could put you behind schedule and waste valuable time.

If you don’t know how to do telehealth, see how you can make an audio call. However, at least you will be able to contact one another.

Negligence to Health issues for a face-to-face meeting

Don’t allow any confusion to arise on your Video & teleconsultation call. Do the same thing in an in-person meeting. Describe the physical conditions to video consultation doctor, such as signs and when they began.

You should bring your home blood pressure cuff, pulse oximeter, and thermometer along, too, so that you won’t have to face any inconvenience if your doctor has to confirm these tests during the appointment.

Bring a family member with you to recall the conversation, take notes, and ask the doctor questions about you during the telemedical appointment. It is helpful to make a co-worker keep the phone over your skin region for any procedures that the doctor can see.

Be sure somebody is present when you make a video visit. Before you visit the doctor, record it on your phone or your computer.

Health Conditions to wait for telehealth

Telehealth is not for any illness. It might be safer to use immediate or emergency treatment rather than waiting for a call if you unexpectedly feel sick. These conditions can be an emergency alarm where getting treated over a call could be a life hazard risk.

Avoid telemedicine for the conditions:

Difficulty breathing

Heavy bleeding

High fevers


Severe nausea or vomiting

Sudden chest pain

Suicidal thoughts

Consultation or treatment for these issues should be face to face or in person. Other conditions that necessitate in-person treatment include a lump or mass the doctor must feel about testing. Or, such a process, for example, is not enough. Otherwise, patients with minor and major problems can avail services like telemedicine for quick & simple treatment. The patient must check all the information about the video consultation doctor before booking an appointment as the doctor preferred. You can browse a list of the best doctors in India through Credihealth.

With Credihealth, you can also book an appointment with a Video Consultation Doctor or hospital connected to our system. Patients who don’t want to go to the hospital will meet with Credihealth’s video consulting program. The online appointment functions in the same manner as face-to-face, except that it arrives as an e-prescription afterward and dietary and nutrition advice. Patients should book an offline doctor consultation by calling 801094-994 or sending an email to [email protected].

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