Book Bangkok Hotel Family Suites


If you have a young child, you want to show them the world as early as you can. Some Bangkok hotels offer family suites that make it easier than ever to include your child in your travels.

Bangkok is a great city to bring a child. There are plenty of kid-friendly attractions all over Bangkok to keep a child happy, engaged and active. From outdoor parks and playgrounds to an aquarium, butterfly garden, the Children’s Discovery Museum and lots of indoor playgrounds all around the city, your child will love their trip to Bangkok.

By booking a stay at one of the Bangkok hotels offering family suites, you’ll enjoy staying in a large room that offers your child an extra bed where you can see to their needs in privacy and comfort. By planning a holiday to Bangkok that takes advantage of these accommodations, your family bond will become stronger because of all the time you’ll have to spend with each other.

Kid-friendly Attractions of Chatuchak Park

When you first arrive in Bangkok, you may be overwhelmed by the choices of where to take your child. A good place to start in Chatuchak Park. This beautiful and large old park near the famous Chatuchak Weekend Market, has wide paths, sculptured lawns and mature trees. Your family can rent bikes to ride along the paths or rent swan-shaped paddle boats in which to paddle around the central lake.

But Chatuchak park has a couple of attractions that are sure to draw the attention of your child. The Bangkok Butterfly Garden and Insectarium and the Children’s Discovery Museum are both in Chatuchak Park.

Butterfly Garden and Insectarium

The butterfly garden is an indoor insectarium that has live butterflies and insects from all over the world that your child can explore. From beautiful multi-colored butterflies and moths to creepy-crawlies that are safely behind glass, this garden offers a couple of hours of fun and discoveries for any child. 

You might contact them before you visit the butterfly garden. A lot of the butterfly species are seasonal, and they only appear at certain times of the year.

Children’s Discovery Museum

This museum offers an entire afternoon of adventure, learning and active fun for your child. It features both indoor and outdoor play areas including an outdoor water park and a giant sandbox.

Indoors, it has a library, play area, and lots of interactive displays and games that your child can engage in.

Siam Paragon Also Has Kid-friendly Attractions

Siam Paragon is an upscale shopping mall in the Sukhumvit area of Bangkok that also has something special to offer kids and adults alike.

SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World

In the basement of the shopping mall is SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World. This is a large and modern aquarium that features large tanks and exhibits with sharks, rays, marine fish species, jellyfish and even penguins. There is also a clear tunnel you walk through that makes you feel as if you're entering the undersea world.


Also in Siam Paragon is Kidzania. This is an interactive play attraction where kids can adopt the role of a fire-fighter, doctor, airline pilot and more for an afternoon of fun and education. They can earn Kidzania ‘money’ and then spend it on groceries and services as they pretend to live an adult life.

There are plenty of other equally fun and exciting attractions all around Bangkok that will appeal to your child when you book a Bangkok hotel with a family suite. The next time, you're considering visiting Bangkok, bring the whole family along. Hotels in Bangkok with family suites make it easy to do.