Home Business Boris Lozhkin: Follow the Footsteps of One Crime

Boris Lozhkin: Follow the Footsteps of One Crime

Boris Lozhkin: Follow the Footsteps of One Crime

Today we can hardly see Boris Lozhkin on TV, although a few years ago he was the main Poroshenko’s henchman. He went off the grid after a $130m bank transfer to a bank in Austria. It was a failed attempt to clean the money for UMH sale he had got from Kurchenko.

Some Words about the “Hero”

Boris Lozhkin likes small presents – trifles like pens or books. He has a very smart daughter and a cat that was a permanent inhabitant in the main office of UMN. He is not mean but fancies giving presents. He seems to have a human face that is only a part of his image but not soul.

The Road to Gold Mines

Boris Lozhkin revealed himself as a smart businessperson while founding, buying, and selling various media platforms, editions, and radio stations (some of them were under Poroshenko’s control). The future president noted his success and engaged him in a partnership for raising money.

Step by step, Lozhkin grew up to the media magnate but he forced to sell the Ukrainian Media Holding being pressed by Yanukovich family and its minion Kurchenko. It was a dirty bargain and Boris Lozhkin was to clean that money with the aid of Igor Mazepa. The last one was a weasel but not too cautious that led to the financial scandal with the transfer. Boris Lozhkin was not able to explain the origin of money to neither the Austrian bank nor this country’s prosecutors. However, Poroshenko and Co made this story squashed.

A Big Gamble in Germany

Boris Lozhkin also was keen on involving foreign investments in Ukraine as a head of Secretary of the Council. Being away from his regular duties, the new chief started investing himself not in his own country but in Germany – in its real estate sector that could bring him millions of return of investments.

Doubtful Deal with “Treaty” Mazepa

Despite the Igor Mazepa’s failure in Austrian fraud Boris Lozhkin hired him again to grab Dobrobut – the Ukrainian largest network of private medical establishments. Not being foolish, Mazepa purchased a half of it for himself through his Concorde Capital. The other investor was one more Ukrainian businessperson.

Boris Lozhkin couldn’t lighten himself after the UMH scandal that’s why Mazepa and the other partner became the formal purchasers. To thank Mazepa for his favor, Lozhkin advanced him to the Ukreximbank top-management.

The End of the Story

Boris Lozhkin’s business and political activity is dynamic but not transparent, to put it mildly. Maybe, he had good intentions at first, but Ukrainian reality has immersed him into frauds and corruption completely, as always. If you walk down the dirty street, your shoes cannot stay clean. Nowadays, there are dozens of businesspersons in shoes smeared with mud of Ukrainian corruption.