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Bourbon and Baking: The Ultimate Duo

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Bourbon is differentiated from whisky by its composition that includes 51% corn. For it to be classified as bourbon, it is to be sourced from the US and has to have the specified quantity of corn. Australian whiskey is famous all over the world. Especially after winning the World Whiskey Awards, the country has been given a face-lift in terms of its global presence.

Using Bourbon in Baking

          As our forced hibernation continues because of the pandemic, many have found themselves indulging in recreational hobbies, with cooking topping the list. Baking is gaining momentum as it requires less preparation time. It is an activity that gives something productive to do and also reap the tasty benefits of it. Let’s admit there is only so much television we can watch.

          Following the recipe to a T is vital to how an attempt turns out. There are different ways to add distinct flavors and twists to classic recipes. Bourbon is that secret ingredient that can lift the spirits of any dish.

The first step is to give your bourbon a taste and pay close attention to all the flavors and notes. It usually has the notes of caramel or vanilla and sometimes even toasted marshmallow. These notes make it a perfect addition for sweet treats like pies, brownies, cakes, and cookies.

 It is a classic substitute for vanilla in many recipes. It is a no-fail trick to make cakes more flavorful. Choose a bourbon that best suits the flavor profile of your dish. The choice is based on whether the dish is sweet, savory, or spicy.

You must not overdo it. It is a common mistake that people make with using alcohol in cooking. More quantity does not guarantee more taste; moderation is key. The bourbon should not overpower the other flavors in a dessert. There is also a risk of getting the baking formula wrong if too much bourbon is used. 

          Bourbon is a no-brainer in most desserts. Fruits are rehydrated by mixing equal parts bourbon and warm water. This method is applied to fruits like raisins, cherries, pineapples, etc.; the soaked fruits can be placed over cakes or incorporated into icecreams. Bourbon can be added to a sorbet, which improves the texture. Adding any alcohol lowers the freezing point, so if you want your frozen desserts to hold their shape choose a low-proof spirit.

Six tips for using bourbon in cooking

1.     Only choose a bourbon you would love drinking; if it does not taste delicious for drinking, it is not going to taste good when cooked.

2.     Add something acidic to balance out the bourbon’s rich flavor; more emphasis on this advice if you are making salad dressings or any marinade. Bourbon has a deep, sweet taste so, use a contrasting flavor to cut the richness.

3.     Bourbon can alter cooking time. So remember to adjust your methods and temperature accordingly.

4.     Never pour bourbon directly into a pan that is over an open flame. This act is rather dangerous and can cause a fire, even leading back to the bottle. Use a measuring cup to pour.

5.     Never use too much bourbon for a dish.

6.     If you use too little bourbon, you will hardly taste it. The secret is to maintain balance.


          Bourbon is an excellent, quirky addition to your recipes, be it sweet or savory. If you are looking to change some dry, old recipe, conjure up a new one with the help of bourbon. It is an excellent flavor enhancer.

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