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Brad Roemer Discusses Different Card Games

Brad Roemer Discusses Different Card Games


Are you tired of the same old card games day in and day out? Are you like the Brad Roemer Real Estate and have a beat-up deck of cards that you use to play all sorts of different games? Well, you can put those cards down, because these are not the type of card game we are going to discuss. We are talking about games that you have to buy more than just a pack of Bicycle cards to play. Trust us, they are relatively cheap and loads more fun than playing 52 pick up.

Card Games

These games take the premise of a standard deck of cards to the next level. All you need to do is expand your horizons a little bit and you will find a game that is not only great as an adult get together but as a way to bring the family together.

  1. Uno – This game has been around for many years. I am sure at one point in all of our lives we have played this game. But who has this game anymore? Maybe you bought a copy years ago, but after years of not using it, you decided to sell it at a garage sale. That was a mistake! There is so much fun in this game and you can play several games a night. The goal of the game is simple, use all your cards. There are mean cards in the deck to make it harder for you and your opponents to finish first, so be on the lookout.
  2. Codenames – This game is about trying to locate the other spies in your network. The spy boss will give you a clue and you have to choose from a table of options which spy he is trying to get you to talk to. Be the first team to identify all your spies without compromising them to civilians and you are the winner.
  3. Sushi Go! – This is an unconventional deck building game. There are a limited number of cards that get passed around the circle. You are trying to collect the best cards to make the highest score possible. The game last three rounds, or until a person reaches the winning total. Be careful on the cards you select, because if someone notices what you are trying to do, they can block your efforts and leave you with nothing.
  4. Love Letter – Imagine you are in the middle ages and trying to pass a note to the princess to win her affection. Only, there are many people in your way that will try to stop you because you are nothing more than a commoner. Be the first to dodge the layers of protection between you and the princess, and you win.


There are far too many great games to list in this short space, that Brad Roemer had to limit himself to just four games. Trust him when he tells you there are hundreds of card games that are miles away from the boring playing card games. All you need is a little interest and a trip to the friendly local game store and you will be having fun tonight.

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