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Branding 101

Building a brand is much different than building a business, although a lot of people seem to confuse that they are just the same. Most people assume that having a brand means having a name and a logo for your business, and it stops just there. But most people fail to realize that branding goes way beyond the name and the logo; it goes way beyond than the pictures, images, and photos that you use for your business. It does not stop at all once people know your name and logo, in fact, as long as your business is running, you should also be able to fully take a hold of your branding as well. Understanding what does branding mean would give you the benefit to always be on top of your market’s memory. Your brand and your business would be top of mind depending on how well you could create a brand that would be memorable, relatable and engaging. Once you define your brand, you should complement it with the elements of branding in order for you to achieve the true identity of your business. From there, you would work on your brand identity that you would consistently and effectively communicate with your target market.

What’s in a Name?

Your brand’s name and logo is the most essential part of your business, and it is the actual centre of your brand. Although it is considered to be the most important or core aspect of branding, like what was previously mentioned, it is not the only part of a good brand should have. It is the first leap you take when you start to develop a brand, and it is the step where you aim to answer the important questions that you would bring with you until the very end of your business. Your brand name and logo should be able to answer the questions, what is your business?; who is your target audience?; and what message would you like them to receive? in order for you to have a great first impression to your customers. Encapsulating the essence and meaning of your business through your name and logo would make or break your brand among potential customers.

What is Your Identity?

Identity building for your brand is crucial because this is where you would establish a connection with your audience. It is a stage where you could use photographs, images, graphics, design, copy, style as key aspects to engage with your target market to make your brand more memorable, significant and relatable. Any information, text, image, photo, or graphic that you would use from hereon now would aid in your journey of establishing your brand among the minds and hearts of your audience. In building your identity and presence not only in the digital world, the most important factor that you should consider is consistency. It is important to be consistent with your materials, your tones, your copy, and your imagery so that you would not be easily forgotten.

Say What?

Being on brand is an important aspect of effective branding because it is what builds your reputation and presence, both digitally and offline. If you have a brand that has a quirky way of communicating with the audiences on social media, whether it is on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, this same tone of communication or copy style should also resonate through your offline strategies such as billboard copies, brochures, sales pitches, custom silicone wristbands from, and such. Another aspect that goes hand in hand with communication is presentation, such as how you present yourself through your website, through your social media channels, through your storefront, displays, signage, and even though your marketing and advertising efforts. All designs should be well aligned with who your brand is, and the identity that you want to stand for.

Where Do You Stand?

Your brand positioning, offers, and perception are important key factors that would dictate your public image with your target market. It is important to build up a unique association between consumers and your brand so that you would be able to stand out from the rest of your competitors. Perception is important because consumers should be able to understand, know, and accept the true value of your brand so that they would be willing enough to spend for it. True enough that it is also important in your business’ perception to truly understand the value of your brand and what it means to the business. Gaining such perceptions, you would be able to brand your offers to the public in a more relatable and approachable way, and not always direct and straight to the point. Your brand does not only represent your business; it represents you, your employees, your stores, your website, your uniforms, and even the reports that you do. It should always be instilled in you along with your core brand values.

Arifur Rahman
Arifur Rahman
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