Monday, December 11, 2023
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Branding Agencies: A Need of the Hour

Mumbai, the commercial/financial capital of India, is the hub of major business houses of the country. The city ranked 12th in the list of wealthiest global cities according to a report published by New World Wealth. The city that never sleeps holds an overwhelming share of 87% in the country’s GDP.

Maharashtra has the highest count (that is, 2587) of start-up businesses in India at present. With the upsurge of start-ups, branding agencies are expanding as well. The share of Mumbai in the country’s economic turnover goes on rising. Mumbai is home to a considerable number of start-ups. Both start-ups and branding agencies work hand in hand to bring wonders to the economy.

What is a branding agency all about?

A brand agency establishes and promotes your company to give it a brand-like recognition in the global market. Advertising, website designing, promotion in social media, and building a company-consumer relation, all come under the mechanism of branding.

Branding agencies study your company’s type, product, market and lays out a customised plan. They help you build credibility among your target market audience.

Look for these 5 points to choose the ideal branding company in Mumbai

Before entrusting an agency with the task, you should do thorough research of the available options. The needs of your company must coincide with the services offered by the agency.

These are the 7 primary points you should check in a branding agency:

Fitting into the mould:

You need them, and they need you. Be very clear about what you are looking for. No two businesses are the same. The requirements of your company will be different from another. Find out if their values and goals match with yours.


A recruiter goes through one’s resume before hiring him/her to know their achievements. The history of a branding agency should be thoroughly researched before selecting one.Get an insight into their achievements, success stories and their popularity.

A reverse cycle of research:

Suppose you are impressed with a company’s branding tactics, enquire which agency they hired. Try to approach companies that are mostly referred to. Find a company through your research, rather than researching a company after finding one. 


Start-up businesses have limited funds. Hiring services from a reputed agency might not be feasible. Focus on value for money on such instances. Opt for small agencies that are trying to build a reputation in the market. Chances are high that they will provide you with quality service considering that they too are eager to create their foothold in the market.


Try to go for an agency that has been in the business for a comparatively longer time. A pro will always be more efficient in a task than a novice. To rely on an agency and entrust them with the task, you should be convinced of their efficiency.

Start-up businesses have this humongous task to establish their own identity in the market. Branding is nothing but building trust and recognition of the company. Branding agencies of India are likely to have maximum clients in Mumbai.

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