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Breakfast Cereal Sales; Statistics and Effects of Packaging


Cereal, everyone has had it. Cereal is convenient and delicious and if you want it to be, it is healthy. However, what makes a cereal sell? Is it the taste alone? Is it the Marketing? Is it the ads and Social media circulation? Or is it the Custom Cereal Boxes? It’s all of that and more and today in this article we will talk about just that. Breakfast Cereal is a Billion Dollar industry, it is expected to make around $54.31 billions worldwide by the year 2025 rolls around, there is so much cereal sold in US alone that this article will be focused on USA alone. USA is the 4th top country that consumes the most cereal, coming right under Australia in the list.

The Average consumption of cereals in USA is around 2.7 billion boxes per year and that is including Cold and Hot cereal. These sales are only expected to rise as there is a change in higher age groups in the US, the age groups that eat cereal are 12-35-year old and with the rise of these age groups there is an expected rise in the industry for the end of 2019. Coming to the main topic of this article, let’s talk about the use of packaging and other marketing methods in the sales of Breakfast Cereal. Is it actually important to have customized packaging? Is Social media helping the sales of the brands that are using it in a certain way?

There are many ways social media and packaging effect a company branding and sales, they are actually the major factors when working together. Print media and Physical ads do get attention but they are not as effective as the use of digital advertisements and online endorsements, people are no longer into looking at their TV’s, if they even watch Television, and finding an actor or actress acting in a Cereal ad, acting like they love it. Actors and Actresses are in fact, loved by many but they lack the personal connection with their audience that an Instagram Influencer or a Youtuber Influencer provides.

An Actor or Actress, even musicians in an ad are known to Act, it is scripted and it maybe funny and attractive, but the words of an influencer you trust who says that they love the cereal is unmatched, because it looks real and you know if they are enjoying it or faking it. Even if it is not an influencer, smaller personal accounts of people who like to post about food will post the company’s custom cereal boxes if they are attractive and photograph-able in a post, telling people how much they love it. This Packaging post is worth more because it shows you what the product looks like, it shows you the company’s name, it shows you the flavor that the person is eating. All of this visual information will give the customer sense of comfort with the product when they see it in the stores and they are more inclined to buy it.

Packaging in itself is extremely important because it is what represents a brand, a product and an idea. Cereal packaging is important because it showcases the products ingredients, that is something that is important to the 20+ demographic and the people who wish to be healthy. It also includes other information that attracts the client, such as the flavor as well as the look of the product on the cereal boxes, digitally printed to show its appeal to the clients. This has to be colorful as well as attractive enough or whack enough to attract the attention enough for people to post about it.

Social media is a fickle thing and it is important for most companies to be very careful with their Custom Cereal Boxes to not only attract attention but to be completely honest and forthcoming in the digital print because once someone posts about you product online, there is no going back and everyone know what your company is about. Now, if you have bad packaging, it will be the bad attention that comes towards your product but if the packaging is on point, it will stimulate hunger, just like passing by a stall and smelling food or looking at an image of food and tasting it in your mouth.

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