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Breaking Into Biopharma

If you need advice for getting started in the biopharma field, look no further! These tips will give you a leg up on finding a great biopharma job.

Like any industry, it's easy to get a basic grasp on the skills and qualifications that are valued in the biopharma industry. What's harder to learn is how to stand out against the other hopeful candidates looking for a biopharma job. How do you get a competitive edge?

Biopharma presents a few unique challenges to job candidates. It's such a rapidly-evolving and technical field that outsiders can have trouble figuring out the conventions and regulations that matter to employers.

One constant that applies to biopharma just like other industries is that employers want the most talented and knowledgeable recruits. Thus, educating yourself on the specifics of the industry will improve your chances of landing a great job. Read more from Quanta.

1) Soft Skills Are Important

Engineering and science qualifications are important for biopharma jobs. But don't overlook the importance of soft skills!

According to Killian O'Dricoll at NIBRT, attractive candidates demonstrate talent in soft skills like communication, teamwork, attitude, and management as well as the more technical disciplines.

2) Customize Your CV

Many candidates hurt their chances by relying on a generic CV for multiple applications. Tailor your CV to what you know about the specific position you're applying for.

3) Accumulate Lab Experience

Practical experience is just as important as academic instruction and skill qualifications. Kate Brennan at Eurofins notes that lab experience is critical for candidates at all levels.

She says that real lab-based experience will make you more attractive for any biopharma role, regardless of how integral lab work is to the job.

4) Study Your Opportunities

Gather as much information as you can before applying for a biopharma job. Study not just the particulars of the position but also the company advertising it.

5) Express Your Curiosity

A strong desire to learn and a sense of curiosity are important if you want to secure a top biopharma position. Employers are looking for self-motivated professionals who are eager to acquire more knowledge.

6) Invest In Networking

Who you know matters in biopharma. Cultivate relationships within the industry, particularly if you're a new graduate just getting started.

7) Make Use Of Career Fairs

General career fairs and biopharma-specific events are outstanding places to collect information. Such events also allow you to demonstrate your interest to potential employers.

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