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Breathe Easy at the Stability of These Recession-Proof Jobs

Whether you are looking for your first job or looking to make a shift in your career path, it is important to research your potential new job. There are many factors to consider when it comes to choosing a career. The job should be the right fit for you. Ideally, it is in a field you that interests you, or one enjoy. The salary needs to be reasonable, and the future of the job should be secure. For some people, job stability will be the most important deciding factor. It is not always easy to gauge how the economic tides will shift in the future, so it may be important to choose a career that can withstand the occasional downturn in the economy.

Court Reporter

In a career as a court reporter or stenographer, you will discover that the variety of jobs is surprising. As a court reporter Portland Oregon has been in high demand. You can find work in courtrooms around the world, as well as many jobs in the private sector. Even in a world where everything is becoming digitized, the human touch of stenographers will likely never be replaced. This creates stability in the profession for years to come. Hours can be flexible, freelance work is abundant, and if you find yourself growing weary of your current position, the opportunities for other jobs are endless. Programs to become a court reporter can take a little as two years.

Registered Nurse

If caregiving is your field of interest, becoming an RN (registered nurse) might be an area you should consider. You can earn your RN license with a bachelor of science degree in nursing, or by completing a two-year nursing program and passing the licensing exam. While this is a very competitive career, nursing is an imperative part of the healthcare system. There will always be a need for qualified nurses. Especially as the population ages, the demand for nurses will increase in the coming years, making this a safe choice for stability.


There will always be a demand for financial professionals, and becoming an accountant might be one of the most stable areas of finance. A CPA (Certified Personal Accountant) license can be earned with a four-year degree plus work experience. There will always be a need for accountants, as even in a recessed economy, taxes aren’t going anywhere. Outside of the private sector, there are many accounting jobs available as well. Any company that deals with finance – which is every company, realistically – has a need for an accountant.

Funeral Director

The career of a funeral director may not be one you have considered, but when it comes to stability it is safe to assume there will always be a need. If you are able to keep your composure in high-stress times and communicate with often grieving families with tact, this might be the career for you. As a funeral director, you are responsible for more than tending to a grieving family. You are responsible for coordinating all aspects of funerals from the service to burials. A two-year degree can get you started in your new career, and you may find that work as a funeral director is quite rewarding.


If constantly building your knowledge is in your interest, a career as a college professor might be your best bet. This is an incredibly competitive field that usually requires a doctoral degree. Once you become a professor and earn tenure status, you will no longer have to worry about job security. You will instead get to focus on teaching and your research expanding on your field.

We don’t need to be in a recession or on the verge of a recession to start thinking about job security and stability. The economic climate is constantly shifting, and sometimes the risk of losing your job is not worth the reward when many stable and lucrative career options are available. Take into account your long term goals, and what kind of career can best support them.

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