Bridal Portraits Photography: Its History and Its Significance


The bridal Portrait photography session is the solo photography session of the young bride. This session is taken to showcase the beauty of the bride in her red wedding dress. Bridal Photo session has become one of the new trends in all styles of Indian weddings. These pictures taken by professional photographers have enough experience about how to shoot beautiful shots of the bride in the most efficient way. There are rich history and significance behind this photo session that was initially practised in the western side of the globe.

History of Bridal Portraits
The tradition of taking Bridal Portraits originated in southern Europe in the early days. In those times instead of photography, affluent families or royalties would hire expert painters to draw beautiful portraits of the bride. Then they would hang them in their house both as the mark of pride and for displaying for the future generation.

After cameras were developed and the whole process of painting portraits changed to taking photos of the bride. In those early days, cameras were huge; thus, young brides would have to go to the professional studio for taking bridal photography. They would frame these bridal portraits and hang them in their houses.

With the development of camera technology, it becomes portable, thus giving more flexibility and options to the bride for this session. Now young couples were able to choose a specific location for taking their bridal photography session. With advancing technology, the quality of the camera improved and the trend of taking bridal shots spread to the whole world.

Significance of Bridal Portraits
Presently it has become a tradition in any Bengali wedding and not take this option would make you feel unsatisfied. There are many other reasons for taking bridal portraits in your full wedding attire.

Here are some of those reasons:
Understanding Your Photographer
Getting comfortable with the camera is the only way to obtain efficient and fantastic shots for your wedding album. The bridal photography session is an excellent way to understand the working and the specific style of your photographer. As you know, every photographer has his or her style of taking photos through their eyes. You would also get used to the presence of the camera as during this session you would have to several shots in your full attire.

Bridal portraits session would also allow your photographer to understand your need and body flow. With better mutual understanding, both of you would be able to work in an efficient, allowing the professional to showcase his or her full set of skill and know-how.

Trial for Yourself
Bridal photography session would be beneficial to you as well. As in this session, you would have to wear a full wedding dress, and you would get a chance to fine-tune any necessary adjustment you might require to do to your attire. The question regarding the possible makeup looks, the hairdressing, the pattern of churies or the style of lehenga would be answered in this bridal portraits photo session. In other words, we can say that this session would be another kind of bridal dress rehearsal.

Special Moment to Remember
Bridal photo is also a unique memento of your life where you would adorn the red wedding dress for the love of your life. Photography is the best possible way to commemorate this precious moment. Other than remembering this moment, this is the only time when any woman gets a chance to show her beauty in full wardrobe.

As during the Bridal Portrait, the bride would adorn the red wedding dress with makeup and beautiful pieces of jewellery. On this day, the bride is the heroine, and everything would be according to her choice. She would also invite her friends to this session to add more fun to it.

Though this tradition didn’t originate in our country, its addition gives more colour to the colourful festival of Bengali wedding. We, at the Regal Wedding, know how important this day is for any bride. To fulfil the requirements and wishes of any bride, we have the best wedding photographers in kolkata who has experience and know-how regarding the way to photography. Give us a chance to show you the side of your beauty that you even don’t know about yourself.