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Brief introduction of Boilers

Boilers are used to generate energy. The mechanism is both on an industrial and small-scale level for the generation of power. In this article, we are going to source valuable information on coal boilers and industrial boilers.The first step towards safe and productive operation .

How does it work?

The function of boilers is to produce steam. The steam is produced by heating water to its boiling point. When the water reaches its boiling point, it changes from a liquid to a vapor state known as steam. So basically, to produce steam, you need water and heat to generate the heat needed for steam production. Boilers rely on the process of combustion. That is, they burn fuel to provide the heat.

Boilers rely on four of the following factors to run smooth and faster:

  1. Fuel:
  2. Air 
  3. Heat:
  4. Chemical reaction.

If any requirements are missing or do not work properly, the chemical reaction would not occur.

Things to Remember When You Choose Your Boiler

If you choose coal, wood, or biofuels, you could select our LHG Vertical steam boiler or DZL/SZL fire tube boiler. Our items are designed to meet any ability or pressure demand, ranging from 0.1ton/h to 50ton/h. YongXing steam boilers are ASME-certified in the United States, CE-certified in the European Union, CHINA Level A, SGS-certified, and BV-certified in China.

Our steam boiler's essential components meet Chinese Category A standards, analogous to Germany's ST45.8, Japan's STB42, and the United States' SA106B. All that makes a difference to us is the high quality of the products we sell and the excellent service we provide. Select YongXing higher combustion boilers for a life span of 15 years. 

What is an industrial biomass boiler?

As the name suggests, industrial boiler produce energy using agricultural, forest, and industrial waste and residue to produce a sustainable energy resource. The generated electricity is cost-effective and leaves a lesser impact on the environment. There are four main types of biomass boilers used to drive the boiler.

  1. Semi-automated boiler 
  2. Fully automated boiler.
  3. Pellet Fired Biomass Boiler 
  4. Agricultural Pellet Biomass Boiler 
  5. Combined Power and Heat Industrial boilers.

What is an industrial coal boiler?

This type of boiler consumes coal for the production of steam. Furthermore, the steam moves towards the turbine, which spins a generator to create electricity. The steam is then chilled and condensed to water state and returned to the boiler to start the process.

What form of coal is used in the boiler?

At this point, you should know that not every coal runs the boiler for optimum efficiency; you should use non-cooking bituminous coal for coal boilers.

What is the difference between biomass and coal-fired boiler design?

Here is the difference between coal fired boiler working principle and biomass boiler:

(1)The Fuel

Biomass boilers use an organic biomass pellet, whereas the coal-fired boiler uses coal as fuel. The coal boiler produces a large amount of Sulphur oxide, Nitrogen oxide, and dust during its operation.

(2)The Load

When compared, the load of biomass boiler is lower in capacity. The output activity and development for load into a mature stage are much more efficient for a coal boiler.

(3)The combustion emission 

The emission of the biomass boiler is lower than the latter one. Therefore, if you are a keen activist for environmental protection, then go for a biomass boiler. The emission of coal-fired boilers can do a great deal of ecological damage.

Why chooses our product?

We are a team of hardworking individuals who have engineered the boilers to perform their job effectively. With a base of thousands of customers across the globe, major industrial namely on our products for efficient and cost-effective power production. Our service providers are just a complaint away from you. Your issues are our priority, dial us up, and we are there to assist you out of every query at any time of the day.

The Introduction of Hot Water Boiler --Industrial Use

The shape and appearance of the YongXing boiling water heating system differ from that of the commonly known heating system. They are a sizeable box-like attribute with a network of pipes that operate water before actually consuming steam. As water flows through the pipes, it is pumped by a gas burner at the lower part, which heats water sufficiently to transform it into steam.

The burner, combustor, exchangers, and control systems are the four critical phases of all boiling water boiler heating systems. In a boiling water steam boiler, the burner's role is to blend air and fuel in optimal proportions for effective and efficient vaporization, which gives an open flame for the combination.

Our fuel versatility for industrial hot water boilers is substantial. We have the preceding types of fuel for you all to choose from:

Vertical and horizontal lignite hot water boilers

Biomass hot water boiler

Oil-gas water heater

Oil-fired, gas-fired, and biofuel hot water boilers have the most negligible flue gas emissions. Our biomass-fired hot water furnace is also the most cost-effective water heater commercially.

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