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Bright Medium Layered Haircuts

It is every woman’s dream to look feminine and beautiful. Besides dressing, the hairstyle also plays a role in your looks. Most women like to rock hairstyles that they can wear in office as well as in unofficial occasions such as in a Friday night club. Medium length layered haircuts is one of those haircuts that won’t let you down.

While some women prefer their hair long or short, others like it in a medium length with an additional layer. There are many mid-length layered haircuts, and you can choose a style that fits your hair type, texture, and face shape.

  1. Who Can Layered Hairstyles Look Good On?

Layered haircuts flatter all women. However, those with thick hair are more advantaged by the style as it brings some lightness to the hair. Women whose hair is curled can style their curls in different styles, and if you have thin hair, you will gain more volume with these styles.

  1. Medium Layered Haircuts
  1. Feathered Brunette Lob Cut

Mixing a feathered cut with long layers gives more elegance to the style than a basic cut would do. You can add blowout to it to get the volume out of the hair.

  1. Straight Inverted Caramel Blonde Lob

You need to cut your long hair into medium length to get this look. You can add a blonde bob to the style to make it more elegant.

  1. Shoulder Length Haircut With Flicked Ends

Spice up your medium to long hair with flicked ends. The flicked ends added to the layers make your style outstanding. This can go well with a quick rough blow-dry. The hairstyle will sit on you perfectly if you have thick hair.

  1. Mid-Length Two-Tier Cut

Every woman with thick hair needs to try this style. The style featured shoulder-length hair with layers. It will fit you well if you want some length to your hair.

  1. Long Disconnected Choppy Bob

Adding layers to medium-length thick hair never goes unnoticed. According to LoveHairStyles, the style is easy to style and maintain. If you have thin hair but want some volume, you can try the long disconnected choppy bob. Add highlights to the strands near the face to make your skin brighter.

  1. Straight, Rounded Lob With Chunky Razored Layers

Stylists used razor cutting to get refined sections of the hair. It also helps in thinning ends out. Layered haircuts with thinner ends will make your pieces have a more blended look. The lob adds depth to the cut.

  1. Two-Layered Feathered Blonde Cut

You will never go wrong with feathered and layered haircuts looking above the shoulders. You can add platinum blonde to your hair to make the style pop.

  1. Mid-Length Haircut With Side Layers

You can add layers only on the side of your head to give the desired style. The side lengths in your mid-length hair will give your face a different look, especially if you have an oval face shape and a long neck.

  1. Elongated Layered Haircut For Straight Hair

You have more styling options with the elongated layered haircut. Adding layers to your haircut can add natural contours to your face, making you more stunning.

  1. The Medium Messy Feathered Cut

Adding highlights near the face gives you a youthful feeling and look and enhances the natural bleaching from the sun during summer. The style is easy to achieve and maintain and can be worn by people of all ages.

  1. Medium hairstyle with layered bottom

Straight hair goes well with layers that are styled at the bottom. To easily maintain thick hair, you can cut your ends with layers to reduce the bulkiness.

  1. Medium Feathered Haircut For Thick Hair

This style suits women with thick hair. The medium feathered haircut reduces the heaviness in your hair. The waves give a blocky look to the woman.

  1. Brunette Feathered Bob With Fringe

Thick textures of hair are not favored by a layered haircuts with bangs. Adding a fringe to the style can make this an excellent style for women with thick hair. Style the hair better by blow-drying it and separating the bangs using your hands.

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