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A Perfect Cost-effective RCM Solution Cheaper Than Brightree Billing Services

Brightree Billing Services

A weak revenue cycle management not only creates disturbance in the financial status but also other management dilemmas in the hospital sector.  Even the lack of effective revenue cycle management also leads to reimbursement problems. We often see many hospital experience problem in their revenue cycle nowadays and the reasons vary, from different hospitals to situation and etc, which including:

  •         Unable to keep up with the ever-changing complex payer requirement
  •         Unable to handle proper prior authorization issues
  •         Medical necessity checking
  •         Unaware of new coding mandates
  •         Unable to provide a proper reporting
  •         Lack of skilled resources and many more

Often it is viewed feeble revenue cycle management not only causes financial problems but also dissatisfaction to patient care. This is why many healthcare organizations are looking for the perfect operational extension to support their RCM. With the increasing demand, even the outsourcing medical billing industries is flourished. Though there is plenty of outsourcing option, choosing the perfect support that suits you is vital.

Sunknowledge service better than Brightree billing outsourcing services

Being a 100% HIPAA and HITECH compliant Sunknowledge Service Inc is the perfect RCM solution for any medical billing services. Our experts are keen on providing standalone/end to end post billing activities like claims management, payment posting and account receivable management. We are also the only RCM Company that excellence in additional after sell CPAP support and also in pre-billing activities, which are not there in Brightree billing service or other outsourcing organizations.

Pre-billing activities:

  •         Order entry
  •         Eligibility verification and authorization (Online/ calling)
  •         Authorization initiation
  •         Authorization follow-up
  •         Collection of documents needed
  •         Doctor’s office follow-up
  •         Re authorization
  •         Order Confirmation
  •         Scheduling of delivery

How can you benefit partnering with us?

Being 70% cheaper than Brightree billing services are experts have experience in working on several industries standard and billing software like Futura, Kareo, Fastrack, Brightree, Prime Rx and many more.

Choosing us as your operational extension will help you with:

  •         Operational transparency at service charge of $7 per hour
  •        No hidden cost with real-time audit and 24-48 turnaround time
  •         70% reduction in operational cost
  •         30% shrink in account receivable bucket
  •         99.9% accuracy rate with the highest productive metric
  •         97% Highest first pass collection rate
  •         Dedicated full-time employees with identification serving 24*7
  •         Customized reporting daily/weekly/monthly support according to clients need
  •         No adjustments or write-offs without client consent
  •         No binding contract with excellent visibility and proven expertise

If you are looking for a perfect operational extension, Sunknowledge is offering a better service than Brightree billing service. For more information call our expert over a ‘no commitment call’ and get effective medical billing solution, we are just a call away!

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