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Brilliant and Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Nurses

Hospitals often gift their employees - doctors, nurses, and other staff - on their birthdays or on special occasions. For those who help others for a living, the best gifts make them feel appreciated. Registered nurses make people’s stay at hospitals easy by assisting them in taking medicines on time, eating, and performing other tasks. Gifting them items like a stethoscope tag, lightweight jacket, pens, RN BSN badge buddy, moisturizing lotion, stress relief candle, and other such stuff will give a personal touch to their workspace. Presenting cozy items to be used at home is also a way to thank them for their services.  


Stethoscope Tag


Everyone in healthcare needs a stethoscope. As high-end stethoscopes are expensive, the owner needs to make sure that they do not get misplaced or mistaken for someone else’s property. Therefore, she needs to mark it. What can be a better way to do so than using a personalized tag that serves the purpose.


Lightweight Jacket


Hospitals are always air-conditioned, and nurses may not feel comfortable staying in such low temperatures at all times throughout the year. But, keeping in mind the comfort of the patients and the proper functioning of the hospital equipment, they never complain. If hospitals provide their RNs with lightweight zipped jackets, the nurses can keep themselves warm. As the jackets are zipped, opening or closing them is easy. 




Pens are the most common gifts in the world, no matter what industry it is. However, when someone needs it, the pen vanishes. When registered nurses get plenty of pens, they can jot things down at the drop of an eyelid. It would be great to customize the pens with the RN’s name or display a nurse theme. 


Badge Buddy


Badge buddies hang below the nurses’ current badge. The medical identifiers like Doctor, LPN, and RN BSN make the designations of the medical professionals prominent. These accessories are available in varied hues and are fully laminated for easy cleaning. Most hospitals follow a color code for badge buddies so that outsiders can differentiate between an employee and a non-employee. 


Messenger Bag


Nurses are always running around from one patient to the other and from one department to the other. They can forget their stuff someplace. Gift them messenger bags with multiple pockets to store all items in a single place. 


Moisturizing Lotion


Constant washing and sanitizing with rough hand sanitizers leave their skin cracked and dry, especially during winter. Luxurious hand creams retain moisture and keep their hands soft.


Drink Tumbler


Sipping hot coffee or ice water from a mug is a great way to take a short break, fuel up or quench thirst. How about gifting a tumbler with the ability to keep liquids cold or hot? Their versatility will ensure the nurses do not hold themselves from pouring in hot or cold beverages. 


Lunch Kit


Some nurses prefer carrying their lunch from home. For them, a high-quality lunch kit that does not allow the meal to go stale is the ideal gift. It should be easy to commute with the kit every day. So it needs to be durable and lasting. 


Stress Relief Candle


Hospitals can show they care for the RNs not just by gifting items for the workspace but also their relaxing space. A nurse’s duty is exceptionally stressful. Time spent at home after a hectic day can be made relaxing by lighting a fragrant candle. 


Soft Blanket


Lighting a candle and sitting curled up on a sofa in the embrace of a soft blanket is the perfect time-off. The RN can listen to soothing music, watch her favorite show or sip wine while winding up after a day’s work.

Gifting one item at a time or combining the top picks from above creates the ideal gift package for a nurse. Adding a box of cookies, chocolates, or flowers to the gifts is a delightful way to say thank you. Irrespective of what they receive as gifts, nurses and other caregivers love it when their contribution is valued.

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