Bring life to your home by doing the interiors of your home the right way


Your home is the mirror to your personality. It is the place where your mind is the most creative and you create magical moments that you'll always like to cherish. This article is dedicated to all those who wish to make their house feel the way it should and celebrate it by doing the interiors of their homes the right way.

  • The touch of green.

Your life and home are both in the dire and desperate need of some greenery. Plants with their multi-purpose ability can bring life and energy into a room. You can add as many plants as you like. They can be on your shelves, kitchen counters, besides your bed, in the corners of the living room and even inside your bathroom. Choose beautiful,hand-painted pots to place your plants in. Not only will the pots stand out with their unique beauty but also add texture to those places in your room that needed it.

  • Your home must give you a feeling of comfort and ease.

While choosing a colour for your house make sure you pick colours that don't bring you down. Colours that are warm in texture bring the feeling of comfort of being in your space. We ask you to have a perfect blend of colour that is both neutral and vibrant. It will maintain the balance of texture needed in a house. If you plan to paint your house in neutral shades then the wall art, rugs or pieces of furniture can be in vibrant shades. Make a wise and informed decision when it comes down to choosing a shade for your home.

  • The more, the better.

We are talking about lights here. The more the availability of lights in your house, the better. Remove those heavy drapes that restrict the rays of the sun to give your house the needed warmth and brightness.  A house that is well lit feels bigger and brighter. During the hours when the sun is high up in the sky, make sure your curtains aren't drawn. There is a wide collection of lights from which you can choose. Decorative chandeliers, ceiling lamps, led lights, floor lights and so many other choices that you can pick from.

  • Pay attention to your lonely walls.

More than often we find homes where people have left their walls untouched. Walls are a crucial part of making any interior stand apart. We will help you cover those walls and turn your home into a masterpiece. If your apartment isn't as big as you would have liked then how about creating an illusion of making it look like one? Panels on your walls that run vertically to each other can create such an impression. Stripes can turn an annoying piece of wall into fun. Cover it up with bold and broad stripes. You can even contrast it with the tone of the room. Wallpapers are another way of treating your walls. A mirror behind the sofa set or above the mantel can do the trick of adding a statement to your room.

  • What's on your table?

Whatever you put on your dining table can create an impression. How about drifting away from mass-produced crockery and placing hand-made, uneven pieces of crockery on the table instead? Pottery that is sculpted and has patterns of bright colours will look amazing. Choose colours that are fresh like the turquoise, peach, lilac or peppermint.  You'll see the look of your regular dining table changing in the blink of an eye.

  • Changes that your bedroom needs.

At the end of the day, when you wanna be caressed by sleep it is your bedroom that comes to your aid. We have a few ideas by which you can turn up the charm of your bedroom. There shouldn’t be any sign of television or play stations in this room. Absolutely none. The sheets should be of neutral or pastel colour along with the shade of the room. The pillows that you have on your bed must be inviting. Flat pillows are a big no. Add some aroma to your room with candles that have therapeutic powers. Assign a wall for your framed and prized pictures.

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