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BT To Refund Money For Bad Internet Connections

Britain's biggest internet service provider - BT has issued new policies to refund its customers £20 every time its customer’s internet connections drop below an acceptable speed and there are calls all around the world for other big ISPs to follow suit!

BT also known as British Telecom aims to modernize the UK’s internet infrastructure which has been struggling behind international average speeds for over a decade, these new packages are being advertised at speeds of up to 314Mbps & 152Mbps which are ideal for high quality video calls, streaming video at 4K bitrate, downloading HD movies, television box sets & video games, uploading video & online gaming on video game consoles & laptop or desktop computers. Each of these new packages feature BT’s guarantee that if they fall below 100Mbps BT will refund each customer affected £20!

Take a look at the table below to see how broadband speeds affect the day-to-day activities you may be performing:


OFCOM and its effect on BT

BT cannot be the only company being praised though, as these changes were heavily pushed by OFCOM who is the UK’s communication regulator and are heavily financed by the UK government, making it clear than in order for people worldwide to get faster internet speeds ISPs need to work with regulators & national or local governments to get the desired results.

OFCOM realizes the importance that communication plays in people’s lives, whether is it broadband, phone, radio or television it is important that all areas of the UK & worldwide have adequate options available for them, and are focused on improving the infrastructure of the UK to support the needs of those living & working there including rural areas where the internet speeds are significantly lower than the more urbanized areas of the countries. Although this is good news they did notice that there are still some large rural areas that are still suffering throughout the UK and the rest of the world, they especially noticed the impact that poor internet speeds have on small businesses with almost 230,000 businesses cannot get access to suitably fast broadband which can hurt their potential to grow.


If you would like to find out more information on Ofcom research into the UK’s current infrastructure please check out the Ofcom Connected Networks 2017 Report, if you currently live in the UK or are going to live in the UK and want to contact BT to find out what services are available in your area use the following BT Contact Number website to get in touch!

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