BTS is a Korean band consisting of seven-member which stands for Bangtan Sonyeondan in Korean and Bulletproof boy scouts in English. It has rather a perspicacious meaning. "Bulletproof" means to hold out against stereotypes, condemnations, and criticisms that act like bullets and to maintain the values and ideals of today's young generation. The band was formed in 2010 and launched its debut under big hit entertainment in the year 2013. They erupted as the biggest K-pop band with its songs and performances turning down the tables. Their songs are meant to incite an air of self-love, eccentricity, self-reliance, and much more. Their work incorporates connections to literary and psychological themes, as well as a plot set in an alternate reality. The band has published a number of albums and taken part in a number of international tours.

If you don’t know what does BTS stand for, then this article will help you find the answer to this very specific question. BTS, which debuted in 2013, consisting of seven members, including Jin, Sugar, J-Hop, Jimin, Vi, and the Junkook. All the members compose and co-produce most of their music. BTS band has a really miscellaneous musical style. They initiated their career from the art of hip-hop and have now evolved into a new multi-genre sensation. BTS has gained immense popularity and repute as a prestigious music band in the United States winning the Top Social Artist on May 21, 2018, on the occasion of Billboard Music Awards whilst nominated against renowned stars. Their songs include Blood Sweat & Tears, No More Dreams, save me, silver spoon, and many others with “Fake Love” being the most famous one. The song was trending #1 on all music charts within no time, and attaining approximately 35.9 million viewers on Youtube within 24 hours. The band has a tremendous success story, from an unknown band to South Korea’s best-selling artists selling over 20 million albums, and then gloriously entering global markets with a huge fan following referred to as BTS army

Let’s have a look at the life of the 7 members of the BTS band:

1. Junkook:

The most juvenile member of the group, Kim Jong Kook's real name is John Kim Jong Kook, but he is best known as Cookie. In the BTS band, he is the lead vocalist, dancer, and rapper. He, with his excellent rapping and dancing skills, cheers up the audience during concerts making Kim Jong Kook popular among the youngsters. He is brilliantly artistic and despite his adolescence, he has a lot of fans not only in Korea but also around the world.


2. Kim Tae-Hyun:

Widely known as "V", Kim Tae-Hyun is a vocalist, composer, and dancer from South Korea. V also has a colossal fan base in South Korea and globally. He is famous for his youthful charisma and potent vocals. He is the one, who worked diligently for the production and execution of the musical singles "2 Cool 4 Skool" and "Boy in Luv".


3. Jimin:

Park Jimin is known exclusively as Jimin. He is a singer, dancer, and composer. In addition to being a member of BTS, he holds the distinction of releasing two solo songs, 'Lie' and 'Serendipity'. The song 'Lie' was released under his album Wings in 2016. It's been regarded as having a very dramatic, gloomy tone, which helped to represent the album's entire idea.

4. RM:

Rap Monster (RM) is a well-known South Korean rapper, composer, and producer. His South Korean admirers have endowed him with the nickname "Rapmon" He became the group's leader, as well as the group's main rapper and composer, after joining BTS. He's worked with a number of well-known Korean and foreign rappers to create music that has gone popular online. His chat program, 'Hot Brain: Problematic Men,' has made him a recognizable figure on South Korean television, and he has been highlighted in a number of magazines as one of the country's most talented and encouraging rap artists.

5. Suga:

Min Yoon-gi is a well-known rapper, composer, and record producer from South Korea. He's also recorded a few solo tracks. Yoon-gi initiated his journey as a subversive rapper before joining BTS, and he has released more than 60 songs. Yoon-gi is a vital member of the group since his debut with 'BTS.' He is a multi-talented musician with skills to create, mix, and write songs. His friends affectionately refer to him as "Suga".

6. Jin:

Jin, is a vocalist and the authorized visual of BTS. His original name is Kim Seok-Jin. He is the group's eldest member and is most recognized for his silky and captivating voice. He is also one of the group's most attractive members.

7. J-hope:

Jung Ho-Seok, better known by his stage name J-Hope, is a famous South Korean singer-songwriter, rapper, and dancer. J-Hope has been in a number of shows, including 'After School Club,' 'American Hustle Life,' and 'Weekly Idol,' and is regarded as a pleasant and amusing member of BTS.


All of BTS band’s seven members own a number of writing credits scattered across the group's history, with rappers Suga and Rap Monster earning prominence as producers in particular. To ripen their particular hip-hop-infused dance style, the group not only produced many of their songs but also co-wrote the bulk of them alongside Korean producer Pdogg and Slow Rabbit. All of BTS's creative achievement is a direct result of the group's ability to work together in harmony. BTS boasts the world's largest, most sophisticated, and most diversified fan following. “The Army” is forward-thinking, committed, and well-organized. BTS taps into the current zeitgeist.