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How to Build A Connected Business With Dell Boomi

Dell Boomi Atomsphere popularly known as Dell Boomi, an integration Platform-as-a-Service(iPaaS) and an on-demand cloud integration platform delivers Master Data Management(MDM) and iPaaS solutions to help customers in integrating any combination, could be on-premise to on-premise applications, cloud to cloud applications and combined or hybrid integrations with no coding, no appliance and no IT software courses. Boomi enables customers to construct cloud-based integration processes known as Atoms and helps in transferring the data from on-premise to cloud and vice versa.

Boomi In the Business:

Boomi supports a variety of enterprise integration applications and common transport scenarios, including EDI/B2B, API management and Web Services. This also offers universal translation functionalities for non-standard data types or formats. With Boomi Atmosphere’s connector SDK, businesses can connect their in-house applications and influence current SOA framework easily.

Boomi EDI/B2B Integration:

Boomi offers overall, cloud-managed EDI/B2B integration functionalities in a fully self-service archetype. EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is a traditional method in exchanging transactional data such as invoices, orders, confirmations and so on between business partners. Boomi EDI enables you to manage business partner network irrespective of any size using the secure and scalable boomi platform. Boomi helps your business in transferring EDI documents and managing business partner relationships without installing and maintaining any software. Boomi EDI integration has the following features:

  • Drag & Drop interface to setup the business partner profiles and the transactional processes.
  • Supports all types of EDI documents.
  • Optional EDI Managed Service supports entire management of your EDI transactions.
  • Powerful data exchange capabilities for EDI documents.
  • No software is required to manage EDI documents transactions and maintaining trading partner relationships.

Boomi API Management:

Application Programming Interface(API) is used for accessing and making data available to customers or business partners of an organization. API has become a popular and a necessary action in exchanging the data. Boomi API management allows you to manage all your API transactions via their complete life cycle in a single and scalable platform in the following way:

  • It can create any endpoint as an API and publish it.
  • Publish APIs can be used in both on-premise or cloud environment.
  • Capably control and manage each APIs lifecycle mentioning variants.
  • Monitor and manage web services in a single platform.
  • Manage application integrations and APIs in an allied platform.

Boomi Web Services Enablement:

This allows Boomi customers to convert any integration action into a web service that can be deployed in Boomi atom cloud or on premises. Businesses can assuredly extend their SOA blueprint to the cloud to merge any mix of Saas, on premise and cloud applications in a low-latency and real-time environment. This functionality helps improved cloud services adoption by giant corporates and bridges the missing link between the cloud computing and SOA.

Boomi Enterprise Connectivity:

Boomi offers certified and standardized connectors to integrate enterprise applications like SAP Business suite, Netweaver and Oracle E-Business suite. Dell Boomi, as an open platform, supports multi-purpose and generic connectors that help customers in connecting to any type of application and pitches a software development kit for those who want to build their own connectors.


Any enterprise can go for this lightweight integration technology by undergoing Dell Boomi Training which has heavy functionalities in integration of different sources or systems irrespective of the domain. Security aspects are at high priority providing reliability, scalability and flexibility to customers and trading partners. Boomi, with its impressive capabilities makes the customer easy in monitoring and controlling accessible limitations among users.

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