Build Healthy Relationship during Infertility Treatment


Are you planning to start your own family? Well, just like all other pleasures of life, sexual intimacy is indeed very exciting for the new couples. Both you and your partner will enjoy quality time together, create new memories, stick to each other and improve their relationships. Often people wonder whether the most recent encounter in the bedroom between newly wed couples will lead to the birth of a new family member within nine months from now.

But if you and your partner are not at all experiencing this fairy tale, sex and relationships might seem to be much more difficult. Some couples seem to fall apart during their infertility treatments and so, it is extremely important to stay connected, both mentally and sexually. Let us consider some challenges faced by the new couples.

  • Enjoy sex on a schedule – Many couples think they should have sex at a certain time depending on the calendar or clock related to the ovulation cycles. Despite however they might feel, they should take the most benefit of this great opportunity. However, the real world actually does not work in that way all the time.  Even if your fertility specialist might say that October 6 seems to be the perfect time for you to conceive, either of you might have had a stressful day as soon as the moment arrives. So, if sexual intercourse does not happen during that specific time, chances are both of you will feel guilty and even lose this specific opportunity.
  • Sex is about fun and connection – You must be having sexual intercourse with your partner for some kind of fun and immense pleasure. It can help both of you to plan for some dating nights, discover new fantasies and keep the romantic spark burning in your hearts. Well, there are actually lots of good reasons to have sex with your partner and getting pregnant is one amongst them.
  • Cope up with the disappointment – If you and your partner are trying to conceive for quite some time, then it is obvious that both of you will feel sad and depressed in case it does not take place. Anxiety and frustration can actually take a tool on all aspects of the relationship, including sexuality.
  • Avoid hiding your feelings from partner – You should not keep your feelings bottled up inside but try to open up everything with the partner. Make sure you do not blame each other in any situation and be happy about the fact that both of you are together. You may think of joining a support group in the community where you will be able to speak up with other couples who are also dealing with the same problem like infertility. You might even consider visiting a counselor or therapist in order to keep your relationship strong and lively.
  • Deal with know everything people – Your family members and friends will ask several questions despite how much you would like to skip them. Some such questions are when you want to have a baby, how often both of you tried out and what the sperm count is. Since you and your partner are really trying hard, do not always answer them alone. Discuss with your partner about how much information both would like to share with others and then let others know about your exact situation.
  • Put the relationship on the back burner – When you are undergoing infertility treatmrnt, it is quite easy to be swept away by several appointments of your doctor, tests and hormones. All of them take place in the middle of your routine lives that will have your stress levels too. Since this is the right time to give your relationship the most priority, think about how both of you can get closer and keep the relationship stronger than before. Do not forget to have fun together, go out to watch a movie or eat your dinner outside, share a hug often and stay connected all the time.

This will enable you and your partner to know what the future has in store for both of you. But you can be sure about one thing that you are together now and will be the same in future. You may visit Gynaecology Clinic to ensure healthy relationships even when undergoing infertility treatment.

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