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Build Your First Android App with Builder.ai

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If you want to build an Android app, the most popular framework available is the Android operating system. Building an Android app has many benefits in today’s world, and if you run an online business, having a strong Android app is essential to your success.

If you want to get started with building your own app, you don’t need to learn programming. Employing an independent app developer or software house might seem like a good option, but it’s expensive, time-consuming, and you don’t have any control over the process.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to easily build your first Android app with Builder.ai!


Choose a Development Platform

The first move is to pick an easy-to-use online platform that is focused on no-code development. Your framework should allow you to make an Android app similar to apps made with native Android development tools. 

Builder.ai offers a low-code framework for software creation. This development package allows you to create apps for mobile devices operating on Android OS. The production phase incorporates human-assisted AI that constructs your Android app utilizing its library of customizable feature sets.

This must contain the critical functionality your application needs, such as social media integration, online ordering, and push alert functionality. These pre-made projects are adapted to meet individual requirements through the utilization of human resources from around the world.


Choose to Develop for Android

Builder.ai is an easy-to-use platform that builds software for almost every device, including smartphone and desktop apps, a wearable interface, a web app, and in a fraction of the market time and cost.

Select the device category of “Mobile App” from the selection of eligible options. The software allows you to build and transfer your Android app into a native quality iOS app as well on every iOS device.

If you want to transfer the application to iOS with Builder.ai, you won't have to reconstruct the app from scratch, since the new Android app will be quickly adapted to iOS parameters.


Select your App Template

Builder.ai offers its users a template-based approach to app development. As you chose a mobile app, you will be faced with various mobile app templates and you can then select the one that more strongly matches your app concept.

There are loads of existing application layouts ready to use, enabling you to create a new app with all the necessary features easily. Developing this software needs no coding expertise, and the templates ensure that your software will not be missing any important features that are key to how your business functions. 


Finalize the Development Cycle

After picking the right template that is comparable to what you are attempting to create, Builder.ai's Builder Studio can add all the required functionality to configure the app however you want. If your app is missing features or if something is not right, it can be incorporated or modified to your liking.

Make use of the auto-suggestions provided by the platform, and if you want a feature that isn't included in your feature set, Builder.ai enables you to do that too. After you have completed your wish list for your app, you will begin growth.

You must pick the Android operating system from the collection of compatible operating systems. Determine the safest time zone from which to ship and the arrival time.

This can greatly affect when your Android app is ready to launch. Builder.ai uses human-assisted AI teams and you can pick your development team yourself. They will work closely to ensure your expectations are fulfilled and a result that fits your needs is achieved.


Get Ready to Launch

The release timeline of your app will depend on the number of new functions you plan to incorporate into the roadmap as you finalize project requirements. With Builder.ai, you may opt to have a prototype application and a minimum viable product version of the app to further test and refine the app.

After the development cycle is completed, you can launch and offer your Android application on the Play Store. Builder.ai will help you make certain you'll launch a good project.

Builder.ai offers a broad spectrum of post-launch offerings in the form of Builder Cloud, which takes care of your cloud storage requirements, and Builder Care, which provides 27*7 support for app updates.

Good luck with your app development journey!

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