Builders Plastic 200um- An A to Z Guide on The Plastic Film


Plastic is made from various kinds of polymers, just like Teflon is made from tetrafluoroethylene. Polypropylene bags are made from multiple units of propylene. Similarly, the common plastics that you see and use every day consist of ethylene, but with varying conditions. This variation is introduced in the form of physical factors like density, pressure, temperature, and even the number of monomer units.

These kinds of differences in ethylene can form varied plastic materials, starting from the flimsy low-density polyethylene bags to the thick builders plastic 200um. From the name itself, you can understand that this plastic material is mainly used in construction sites as a covering element. It has the perfect density, which makes it neither too light nor too heavy—a perfect combination for areas where construction work is already going on.

builders plastic 200um

But you will come across one little problem, most of us are not aware of the builders' plastic film and its use. In this article, we will talk about all the relevant information about this particular plastic form so that from the next time, you can enjoy the perks of the material.

From what builders plastic film is made?

The builders plastic 200um is made by a process called extrusion. In this process, small plastic pellets, which are also known as resin, are melted under high temperatures. Then the molten liquid is mixed together and shaped to form the film.

Here is how the entire process is carried out:

The pellets are melted at its melting point; then, the liquid is pushed through a circular die. It forms a tube of plastic, which is also known as the bubble. It is pulled out from the die at the desired speed, which determines the thickness of the film. Also, the air is pushed inside this bubble, widening it out, which determines the width.

Sometimes, the color of the film is changed with the help of colored resins. Once the bubble starts coming out of the die, it is flattened using a bell press machine to its desired shape. Since molten plastic pellets are malleable, it is not very difficult to make a flat shape of a builder's plastic 200umfilm.

What does 200um suggest?

Whenever we talk about the plastic thickness, we use the "um" or micron as a unit for measuring the thickness. Generally, one micron amounts to 0.0254 millimeters. Hence 200 um thickness means that the plastic film measures up to 5.08 millimeters.

What are the features of this plastic material?

The builder's plastic 200um has a lot of features that are unique to this plastic film. Since during the extrusion process, special resins are added to the bubble, the features are quite commendable and desirable for heavy-duty human use.

  • The plastics are made in a way where the film can be water-resistant.
  • 200um the thickness helps the film to stay intact and tear-resistant.
  • These cannot be destroyed via acids or other strong chemicals.
  • They are highly flexible and hence provide a lot of benefits.
  • They can withstand high temperature, the maximum limit being eighty degrees Celsius.

In what fields can the builder's plastic be used?

Lastly, we will discuss the various benefits of using the builders plastic 200um in construction sites.

  • Can be used to cover any water body at the construction site.
  • Acts as a vapor lining between the concrete and the soil.
  • Protects against adverse weather conditions at any construction or renovation site.
  • Can be used to protect marbles and other precious building material from the sun rays.
  • Resistant to chemicals, it can be used in protecting the construction equipment pieces.
builders plastic 200um


In recent years, the builder's plastic 200um has found many uses in the construction industry. Thanks to its unique features, one can now use it in a versatile way, be it for protecting oneself against harsh weather or covering the water pool.