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Is Building Demolition Risky Or Tranquil?

Is Building Demolition Risky Or Tranquil?

Many people might think that building demolition is an easy task than constructing the building. But this is not true. As building demolition involves much higher risks than construction, it might take years to construct a building and few seconds to demolish it but the menaces that can occur in these few seconds can’t be salvaged.

Here in this article we will understand the methods of building demolition, the risk involved and how to hire the right person for this high-risk job:

Methods of building demolition:

Demolition with explosives:  this is a very risky method and needs thorough planning and can only be used if there is enough space because the building falls like a tree and involves a high risk of accidents at the site, where one mistake can cause you a loss of life too. To carry out the demolition the explosives must be heavy.

The risks which are involved in this process are: 

  1. Extreme noise pollution
  2. Extreme dust pollution
  3. Damage to nearby structures.
  4. Burring under the debris
  5. Fire

Precautions that can be taken care of during this process are:

  1. Keep fire alarms fire guards and extinguishers ready.
  2. Clear the site
  3. Do the survey before demolition
  4. Give protective wears to workers
  5. Keep heavy water sprays ready to control the dust.

Demolition with non-explosives: This type of a demolition is done with the equipment and heavy types of machinery like cranes and bulldozers.  It is less-riskier, yet precautions must be taken.

The risk which is involved in this process are

  • Unpredictable collapse
  • Fall from height
  • Hitting the wrong object
  • Collapse of machinery
  • Traffic and site management

Precautions that can be taken care of during this process are:

  1. Clear the site
  2. Understand the nature of the building
  3. Keep the first aid ready
  4. Remove the hazardous materials
  5. Work under expert supervision

Hiring the contractor for demolition is not at all an easy task.  He is the one who is the risk bearer of the project thus he must be the person who can be trusted. Here are a few things that will help you find the right contractor for building demolition. Find a contractor for demolition work who meets the following criteria:

  1. Who has a team of all the professionals required for the job
  2. Who can show you the plan of execution of the process?
  3. Who is aware of the asbestos removal.
  4. Who knows about the permits and how to obtain them.
  5. Who is cost effective
  6. Who can understand the nature of the building that has to be abolished?
  7. He must be an insured contractor.
  8. He must have a valid license and must be a registered contractor.
  9. He must be aware of the local regulations and guidelines
  10. 10. Who has high-end equipment’s, machinery and tools?

What more will the contractor do other than demolition?

contractor for building demolition

One cannot just come to sign the contract and demolish the building, there are many steps involved and he must complete all the steps from start to end with perfection. Here is what you must expect from the contractor:

  1. Planning
  2. Survey
  3. Inspection of the environmental issues at the site
  4. Safety check
  5. Preparing the site for the demolition
  6. Getting permits and approvals from local authorities
  7. Asbestos removal
  8. Removal of other hazardous materials
  9. Removal of the debris
  10. 10. Recycling and material handling after demolition

What can affect the cost of the demolition?

  1. Charges of the contractor
  2. Permits
  3. Extra machinery
  4. Emergency services
  5. Disposal of debris
  6. Environment taxes and environment specialist.

Once you understand the process of demolition and you have hired a right professional to conduct the job then you may relax at home and let the demolition happen under the expert supervision.