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Building Strong Culture at Coworking Spaces: What To Keep In Mind

Building Strong Culture at Coworking Spaces: What To Keep In Mind

Coworking spaces and the culture they bring have taken the business world by storm. Businesses, both small and large, are drawn to the freedom and networking opportunities these spaces offer.

A community of like-minded individuals working on varying projects to create a bigger community amongst themselves is the objective, and the industry seems to be succeeding at it.

But how we can create a great culture that doesn’t overshadow the individual essence of the company and its ethos is a lingering question. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind to help build a strong culture in a coworking space.

Building Strong Culture at Coworking Spaces: What To Keep In Mind

Keep Your Team Close

Team-building doesn’t happen overnight. To create a successful workforce, it is essential for an organization to conduct exercises that promote collaboration and camaraderie.

Most of the Coworking spaces acts as your extended HR arm and takes care of some of these activities. Especially Coworking space in Mumbai and other metropolitan cities conduct outings such as volunteering.

Events such as standup comedy shows, and educational sessions on concepts of professional and personal importance for their members.

Settings and activities like these help individuals create a community for themselves that goes beyond their colleagues/peers. These morale building exercises that target the needs of the employees go a long way in creating a loyalty-based culture within every organization.

Freedom of Expression

Arguably the most attractive feature about shared workspaces is the freedom of individual expression that syncs with coworking culture.

While it is very easy for a traditional office culture to turn the most interesting profession to just another mundane desk job.

The vibrant environment of a shared workspace helps keep the balance between having fun and being productive alive.

By allowing their employees to be their truest self a company can assess and bank on the strengths of each team member.

This helps maintain closeness amongst the team members, keeps them aware of each other's roles, and fosters a tight knit culture of mutual dependency within the organization.

Listen Well

Excellent communication is a bridge that needs to be built on strong foundations, by encouraging a healthy exchange of ideas and feedback from employees.

A company is the culmination of a variety of people working towards common objectives. Together, they create both results, and propagate a common work culture.

Biweekly company meet-ups can be helpful in increasing awareness amongst the team, checking in on any difficulties faced by them, or addressing performance based issues.

This is also an opportunity to inspire employees and reinforce the ideas and values behind the organization, and its aim and priorities for the future.

Formulating feedback forms, inviting suggestions and weighing options on popular opinion are ways to encourage constructive communication amongst employees. A strong and employee-friendly work culture attracts talent.

Let Your Place Be Known

Building Strong Culture at Coworking Spaces: What To Keep In Mind

A coworking space gives freedom of division of space. Some teammates may prefer a quiet setting while some would prefer to work in the heart of the hustle and bustle of the space.

This is great as it provides comfort and enhances productivity without forced conformity breathing down their necks.

But it is essential for a company to have a dedicated workspace that all the teammates can recognize and associate with, to come back to and regroup when they want to find a familiar face.

A coworking space like iKeva would be an ideal boost for a team with their diverse and creative spaces, multiple engaging activities and, most importantly, the opportunity to meet and network with like-minded individuals walking a similar path.

That being said, it remains critical to encourage and cultivate company culture, so teams can experience the environment provided by the coworking space together for their growth.

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